Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A fist full of Kemps

Time is not my own today, so all I could do was grasp at some cards that had something in common and declare it a post.

Viola! You're reading it! Mission accomplished.

I've noticed a flurry of Matt Kemps entering my collection lately. This is very good, because when players start to reach star status, people begin to hold onto their cards for reasons I don't entirely understand. I'm certainly not clinging to Robinson Cano or Albert Pujols cards. Give me all your Kemps!

But, fortunately, some have escaped into my clutches. I grabbed the latest Kemps that I've acquired to show here. Two apiece come from various pleasant collectors. The last card comes from ... me. I'm so generous.

First, we have the 2012 Topps Heritage NL(TM) Home Run Leaders card. Go out and purchase your official National League memorabilia NOW!

Aside from that big of ugliness, you'll notice that Kemp is not in the center of the card even though he led the league in home runs and even though that's where 1963 Topps placed the league leader. For reasons only Topps can explain, it decided to place the third-place finisher in the center diamond on all of its league leader cards.

Both of the Heritage cards came from Shoebox Legends, along with a few other Dodger Heritages that I hope to show another time.

I especially like this card because as you Bison fans may have noticed, Kemp has not appeared as a batter on a Topps base card since 2009. It's time we start seeing The Bison swinging again. It's what he does best.

 I received a bunch of Dodgers from 100 Years and Counting, but it all started with mention of a few Opening Day Dodgers. Of course, Kemp is one of them. This photo is rather goofy and not my favorite, but I can see why Topps picked it.

Another Opening Day Kemp. I like this insert set because it's colorful. Side note: If I was ever crazy enough to enter a fantasy baseball league again, Kemp would be my first pick.

I've reserved the rest of the cards 100 Years sent me for another post. Stay tuned with fevered anticipation.

Back to Heritage. This Kemp card and the next one came from reader Jon. He graciously sent these cards in exchange for "future considerations." Now, I don't think Kemp would ever be traded for future considerations. But I guess that's what makes the collecting world so great. It's not based in reality at all!

This Heritage refractor from last year apparently was sitting around at Jon's collecting dust. But now it's almost part of a complete set. Just looking for the Kuroda Heritage chrome to finish off the chromeys.

Finally, Night Owl was able to send me this tremendous black refractor of The Real MVP. What a magnanimous and benevolent fellow that N.O. is! He really knows how to pick the cards that I enjoy.

So, there you are. I'm well into the 200s in the Kemp collection, and at the rate they're making cards of The Real MVP (TM), I'll be closing in on 300 in no time.

Oh, did I just trademark The Real MVP? Guess you'll owe me for using it from now on. I take cash only.


  1. Did I ever mention that Kemp gave my daughter a baseball during warmups of the last game of the season? Nice guy that Kemp.

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  3. Glad you received them! The Opening Day Kemp reminds me of my g/f's dog going for a tennis ball. For your sake I hope Mr. Kemp will not take the ball to the outfield corner to chew on it while being paranoid someones trying to take it from him during a game. Unless they're playing the Cubs, that is...

    Best of luck under your new ownership!

  4. They actually have to trademark the "NL"? That's just hideous. I thought grading was the best example of corporate interference with our quaint little hobby, now this...