Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bite-size card packages

During busy months like these -- during what is literally the busiest week of the year -- I appreciate small card packages.

Yes, small. As in, a lesser amount of cards. As in few. Tiny. Micro. The least amount possible.

Bite-size, if you will. But not "fun size." Because that just pissed us off as kids.

Something that I can open quickly, admire, and then be off to whatever godforsaken task that awaits me.

Fortunately, I've received several such small packages lately.

None were smaller than the envelope I encountered unexpectedly from JayBee a few days ago. I had no idea what card could be inside. It turns out it was the James Loney gold-glazed card (what are we calling these things?). I, unfortunately, had come across this card just a couple days prior. But, as you know, there are a number of Dodger bloggers with an insatiable thirst for cards like this. It will find a happy destination.

This card is a former Nebulous 9 need. It sat on my list for a good long time. No one wants to give up Konerko's rookie card. Or pre-rookie card, or whatever it is. I don't speak rookie collector speak.

The person who finally crossed the card off the list is Jeff. He runs a website you may know. Here is his card:

I use his site at least twice a day. I wrote a post a month-and-a-half ago in which I pointed out some glitches on the site. We came to an understanding -- Jeff and I -- that I would alert him to any errors I see on the site in the future. And, oh, he had a couple cards for me!

That's another one. Also from the elusive '94 Topps Traded set. Very cool.

I've said this many times, but if you haven't checked out Jeff's site, especially if you are a team collector, then you are missing out on a whole world out there.

This is the final Dodger card I needed from Series 1 of 2012 Topps. It's that rascally Ted Lilly, who I hope doesn't get lit up too many times this year.

Ernest of Blue Heaven sent me this final card. He had entered a Topps case break and I begged him for his leftover Dodgers because at the time I had no idea if I'd be buying many 2012 cards. It turns out I bought a little bit, and there were a lot of collectors who had 2012 Dodgers to send me. So Lilly was all I needed.

Well, I guess I needed these cards, too. And -- good news -- I've officially collected all 5 lame cards from each of the two Dodgers in this lame ass insert set. I was expecting that I might finish this off in November, because I just don't care about them. But here it is, the end of March and I never have to think about these again.

This most excellent Matt Kemp rookie card arrived from Nick at Dime Boxes. Like the Loney card it came in a plain white envelope. I could see part of the card peaking out of a rip in the envelope.

I was immediately giddy because I have the gold version of this card and the chrome version of this card, but not the plain old regular version of this card. Arghhhhh, that was frustrating.

So, Nick, nicely done. And nice job finding 2012 Heritage before just about anyone else. No chance of that happening here.

Finally, I have this beauty. It's from Sewingmachineguy.

Several weeks ago, I admired his acquisition of this /75 item. I inquired about its availability, but didn't expect it to be up for grabs given Gibson's Tigers/Michigan State background and Sewingmachineguy's appreciation for Michigan-related sports teams.

Well, the card unexpectedly appeared in my mailbox not long ago. It will go nicely with my green-bordered and magenta-bordered Gibbys. (I'm not enough of a Masterpieces fan to know all the correct color terminology for the borders).

Since the card's arrival, SMG has taken a different direction in collecting. To tell you the truth, I don't even know if he's welcoming new cards, or if he's even touring the blogs anymore. He seems to be enjoying other pursuits.

That's cool. But I think I'll have to send a card or two anyway.

So, how about that? I got through a bunch of packages in no time at all. I'll even get to bed at a reasonable hour -- for me, anyway.

You can keep sending me a card here and a card there.

That's about all I have time for this month.



  1. Glad you enjoyed the Kemp! (Hopefully the envelope didn't get too screwed up in the mail, I don't usually send cards like that.)

    The next package coming your way will be more than bite-size, perhaps king-size! :)

  2. I just call the gold cards the Motor Oil Set because they look like fresh oil when you tilt them.