Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Showtime!

I knew there was a reason that a non-basketball fan kept this card in his collection.

I have about 2 billion reasons to be excited right now.

Good riddance, Frank! Welcome, Magic! Welcome, Stan! Welcome, Mr. Guggenheim!

The Dodgers are now even cooler than they've ever been.

Let's hope no one mucks it up.

(We now need a Dodger card of Magic).


  1. you beat me to it, wonderful fellow dodger fan you !!!!

  2. The McCourt era is almost over. Time for all of us suffering Dodger fans to celebrate.

  3. Congrats and may your suffering be over.

  4. I was rooting for "Magic" and Co. to become the next Dodgers owners.

    Great to hear that they succeeded!

  5. As much as I like to see the Dodgers suffer, I am happy they go this crap taken care of and McCourt out of baseball. It will feel a whole lot better to beat a great team rather than the northern Padres. hehe

  6. I've been watching MLB network all night - why has this not come up?

    That's awesome for the Dodgers.


  7. It's even time for us 'the Dodgers aren't my first team but I root for them usually' fans to celebrate, too. Big step forward.

  8. Magic Johnson: best. porn name. ever. (and that includes Buck Naked)

    Now, if only the porn industry would invest in the Mets, maybe we could have some positive case flow...