Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Never mind the madness

Every March, it's the same. The various avenues of my life hit me with everything they've got. This month is by far the busiest month of the year at work. It is annually the busiest month of the year at my wife's work. It is becoming the busiest month of the year at my daughter's school. Throw in a few must-be-celebrated birthdays, some minor crises that always seem to happen in this month, sicknesses that seem to crop up because people are running themselves ragged in this month, and deadlines that are scheduled for this month because the deadline-makers don't have a clue that this is already the busiest month ever, and you've got a nice healthy stack of "what the hell just hit me?" Thank goodness there aren't any blizzards on the schedule. Although I've experienced that in March, too.

But when I simplify it down, it's just another March. This month is going to be like this for years to come. No use complaining about it. I might as well use the few scraps of spare time I have to do something more constructive.

So how about I expound on these new manupatches Topps is putting out this year? That's a constructive use of my time, right?

I received this Historic Stitches card -- and I've decided for certain that, yes, these are in fact cards -- from Cynicalbuddha. He is now vacationing somewhere warm, which is something I'll never be able to do in March.

He actually sent me a very nice letter and said that he instantly knew where he had to send this card when he pulled it. Considering how many Dodger bloggers there are these days and how active they all are, it means a lot for someone to still be thinking about little old me.

So I don't want to come down too hard on this card. You already know that I think manupatches are one step away from getting a hand-stitched oven mitt in a pack of cards. I have no patience for things in the card aisle that belong in a craft fair.

But this item has a classy look to it that helps me forget about that horrible time that I was forced to walk through A.C. Moore.

I don't remember hearing about player's last names being stitched in their jerseys, so I have no idea what this card is supposed to replicate, but it looks pretty darn cool.

And I'm not even going to mention that the "wool" material featured on the card also kind of gives me the shivers. You long-time readers might remember my weird aversion to material like this -- it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

But you didn't hear me mentioning it. Nope. I really do enjoy this card. Besides it's all enclosed in a fat top loader and I'll never have to touch the woolen innards if I don't want.

Gee, I'm not sounding very convincing am I?

But I do like this card. Really. A lot better than those other patch things. And it's Jackie. Who rules no matter what. I could see his image in a piece of toast and I'm throwing that thing in a top loader.

Here are a handful other cards that CB sent:

I don't know how this junk wax item slipped through the cracks, but I was ever so grateful after I discovered I needed this card.

Love 2001 Upper Deck '70s. I have one of these cards in the Dodger collection. This one goes to the unannounced attempt to complete the entire set. Some day a want list will be up.

And a random 1997 Fleer Ultra Ismael Valdes card. For some reason, '97 Fleer Ultra just doesn't come my way as often as other Ultra cards.

But none of those cards are as nice as the Robinson manupatch card.

Yes, I can't believe I said that either.

I must be loopy from March already.

(Happy Birthday, Mrs. Night Owl!)


  1. As far as these types of cards go, these are the nicest. I'm gonna get this Jackie too.

  2. I've got the Frank version. The stitching is exactly the same. Not sure why, but that kinda dissapoints me a little.

  3. It's from the Topps mini leaders set from 1990. Topps issued mini leaders cards from the mid-80s or so through 1990.

  4. I totally missed this post being someplace warm and all. I'm glad you liked the card and I figured it was time that I sent some dodgery goodness your way. If I did a poll I would have to say that there are by far more Dodgers bloggers than any other team and they/you are voracious. Which is what I love about Dodgers fans, they truely love their team. Not to say other team's fans aren't nearly as rabid, it's just Dodgers fans and bloggers, are much more visible. But I'll be honest you all send some nice stuff my way from time to time. And thank you for the nice package of cards as well.