Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring intermission

Today is the day of the year that I take a break from all that is baseball and blogging to celebrate my daughter's birthday.

It's been crazy times around here lately and it's taken a lot of effort to clear space for a proper birthday celebration for her. But, somehow, I think we've done it.

She has reached an age where she values her privacy and her interests. Normally, I'd post one of those interests here, but outside of scanning her iphone, I have no idea what that would be. Dads tend to get shut out at this age.

That's OK. Because I DO know that one of her interests is her very best friend. And, after an emotional break-up in which her friend left for another school months ago, last week my daughter found out that her best bud since kindergarten would be rejoining her back at the old school next year.

It's the best news for her, and probably the best birthday present she'll get. Better than what I found for her.

Someday, she'll come to me with her thoughts and problems again. Someday, I'll truly focus on baseball and cards again. I think I can see that day coming. As far as the baseball and cards anyway.

But not today. Today, it's a birthday for the light in my life.

Talk to you on Friday.


  1. Happy Birthday to the young owl. Isn't fatherhood great?

  2. Happy Berfday there Little Miss Night Owl!!

  3. Enjoy these times my friend. Before you know it, you'll be walking her down the aisle.

  4. Congrats on not whinning about something! Happy Bday to your kid

  5. Happy birthday to her!


  6. Nice post. Enjoy these times indeed. One day she might be all grown and on her own a half continent away (as mine is) and you'll miss her a lot (as I do).

    Hope the day was special, my friend.

  7. Happy B/Day to the center of your universe.