Friday, March 16, 2012

Three for the road

I just completed what is likely the busiest work day/night of the year. Third Friday in March is always this way. Today went pretty smoothly, but I've endured some horrific ones in the past.

At the end of the night, I'm ready for something to settle me down. I could have gone across the street to the drunkfest disguised as the city Irish Festival. But instead, I just went to Walmart and grabbed six loose packs of 2012 Heritage.

Yep, Heritage is here. I've decided that the only reason we get our new card product later than collectors elsewhere is because they don't deliver new cards until the end of the week around here. Whenever I read about collectors finding new cards on a Monday, I think "they must have some awfully hyper delivery people around there." Nope, our delivery guys take their sweet-ass time.

So, anyway, I grabbed six packs because that's all there was. But I feel like only showing three of them here because, like I said, it's been a long day and I've barely slept for two days straight.

I also don't feel like doing individual scans. Fortunately, Heritage is nine cards to a pack, so they fit conveniently in a nine-pocket page for easy presenting. And since Heritage is so colorful this year, the cards look kind of cool together.

Here were my three favorite packs in reverse order:

3. A lot going on with this page. You have the giant rookie trophy, a couple of long-haired freaky people who would never be able to grow that hair in 1963, a sad JFK card, Jason Marquis as a Twin (who knew?), and my favorite card in the pack -- three Yankees and a former Yankee. I bet Topps was going for four Yankees on one card and Jesus Montero had to go and get traded. Hah! You Yankee-loving monopolistic scoundrels. Suck on it.

P.S.: Has Dellin Betances ever smiled?

2. This is my second favorite really only because of the first Clayton Kershaw floating head card that I have ever seen. You just haven't made it until you've been made into a floating head. Meanwhile, the Lincecum photo is hideous and I'm glad I didn't pull his base card out of my packs.

P.S.: Papelbon sure looks weird as a Phillie.

1. Favorite pack had two Dodgers in it! Party commences now! OK, one is paired up with a Giant, but I can't get mad when Kershaw is the first Dodger I pull. Weee!!!!

P.S.: Jason Bartlett is a short-print.

So, there you are. What did I get in the other three packs? You're not going to find out. There are a handful of cards that will appear in some people's trade packages, but otherwise, nothing special.

As colorful as this set is, it's never been one of my favorites. 1960s coloring was kind of weird, and I never liked the black-and-white photo contrasting with all that color.

Besides, the backs are even worse:

Yuck. Who was the genius at Topps who saw his cat puke in 1963 and said, "I want to make the card backs THAT color"?

So, I probably won't buy a lot more of this. I'll buy less than last year ('62-style set) but more than two years ago ('61-style set). It'll be good for satisfying the pack-busting urge for a little while.

OK, that was a lot longer than I wanted to write.

See you tomorrow when I hopefully will be semi-well-rested.



  1. Could you perhaps set a wrapper aside for me for whenever our next trade occurs?

  2. I agree. The 1963 set is just not doing it for me after my love affair with Heritage last year. I am looking forward to the next two years 1964 and 1965 offerings though and I may go for that full sets with them. But I think I am going to limit myself to the Rockies with this one. Since there are 6! Colorado SPs (even more counting shenanigans) my wallet will still probably hurt a bit.

  3. I bought two blasters today. I'll shoot for the base set, but I really want the Kennedey inserts. I did get a hit, but it's not a Ranger this time. It's not a Dodger either. Sorry.

  4. why isn't kershaw in the center square/diamond of the era leaders card?