Friday, March 30, 2012

Attention: I am still trading!

During my health funk, I mentioned that I didn't care about trading. It was all a part of being generally ill. You know what it's like being sick. You don't feel like doing anything, even the things you love the most.

But I'm afraid I might have scared off a few people. "Night Owl is done with trading!" "Night Owl is retired!" "Have you heard? Night Owl doesn't want your 1991 Donruss anymore!"

Well, that is entirely untrue. Except the part about not wanting '91 Donruss. That's always true.

No, I may have a problem with pretending that people are breathlessly referring to me by my made-up nickname, but I don't have a problem trading.

Sure, it's been crazy as hell around here. Sure, it's still freakin' March. Sure, I've got a new lifestyle that requires I take more time to work out and eat properly and certain old people stuff like that.

But I still trade. At my own, methodical, pokey, you'll-get-it-when-you-get-it pace.

Want proof?

OK, how long has it been since I did a large trade post?

Too long, right?

All right, you know what's coming.

But no sighing. I'm trying to prove that I still want to trade. This will help restore your confidence in me.

I'll make the first trade quick and easy to digest. Your colon won't feel a thing.

These are the rest of the cards sent to me by Shoebox Legends. The non-Kemps, if you will.

This year's Heritage is proving very difficult for a team collector, specifically a Dodger team collector. Not only are there those fool 4-player rookie cards in which a number of players are reproduced three, four and five times (still can't get over that), but there are THREE Dodger high number short-prints this year.

Most displeased.

Nothing Heritage-y about this card. This is the real deal from Stealing Home at All Trade Bait, All The Time.

I can enjoy a vintage card celebrating a Dodger World Series victory all day. If it wasn't March, that is. No time to enjoy ANYTHING in March.

Many of the other cards from Stealing Home were '90s Dodgers, which is a smart move on his part. I was absent from collecting most of the decade, and there are SO MANY cards from the '90s. There is a good chance that some of them stick.

These stuck. Can't believe how many Karim Garcia cards there are.

Going the '90s parallel route is another nice tactic. Need a boatload of these.

There are some more.

And more.

And more. These are the first gold-bordered Collector's Choice cards I've ever seen. Are people really holding on for dear life with these?

When I updated my want list a few months ago and added the Topps Shoebox set, I thought it sounded charming and wondered why nobody had ever mentioned it on the blogs. It had this All-Time Fan Favorites sound to me.

Well, this is why. Apparently Topps reproduced the image of a past card (something it likes to do way too much) and stamped a gold circle on it that said "Shoe Box."

Another dream dashed.

Can't get enough of these things.

We've reached the painted portion of Stealing Home's offerings. Kaz Ishii looks really annoyed that he's being illustrated.

This can't be a painting. If it is then why in the world are we letting Dick Perez paint ballplayers?

This is why I like trading with fellow Dodger collectors, especially with ones on the West Coast. First, they know exactly what I want. Secondly, they know how to get it. There are ex-Dodgers signing things everywhere in L.A. Good ol' Oscar told Yeager to sign one for me!

No trade is complete without some miiiiiiinnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three more off the want list! Very exciting.

This card is from 100 Years and Counting. This was an innocent-looking Opening Day trade, but then 100 Years got a look at my want lists.

First, he finished off my Dodger Kimball mini wants.

Then he wrapped up my 1994 Studio Dodger set (Piazza wins the neatness contest between the two).

Then he got my 1993 Donruss Dodger wants down to a single card (I'm not proud I still need '93 Donruss).

And he added a mini want!!!

Everyone, if you are not checking the want lists like 100 Years, you are totally missing out.

But that's not all!

John added a Ted Lilly card from Lilly's first stop with the Dodgers.

And an awesome, sparkly of Jerry Sands.

And this terrific card of Pee Wee forcing out some guy with very weird, ugly socks. What a card!

That Pee Wee card puts me in mind of Pee Wee's double-play partner. This 1977 TCMA Renata Galasso Greats card came from the same person who sent me a previous one. Max of Starting Nine picked up some of these cool cards that mean so much to me.

This Jackie pose is actually not the same pose that appeared in the Topps Lineage set last year. I'd compare the two, but I'm running out of time here.

So, I'll bring this post to a close.

Believe it or not -- even though I may have scared some potential traders off -- this isn't the end of all the packages I've received lately. I've got a bunch more to show.

And I've got a bunch more to send, too. (Although the Cubs fans may have to wait a little longer. I've been deluged with Cubs card requests).

See? Same old Night Owl. Same old trades. Same old trade posts that a lot of you ignore for some weird reason.

Business is still open!


  1. I'd love to feel bad for you about your three Dodger short prints, but I am too busy trying to track down my SIX Rockies SPs. I really wish they would even it out just a bit with the short prints.

    Last year there were 7 Jays in the last 75.

    There are 30 teams. 15 get 2, 15 get year flip flop. Boy, I made that sound easy. Either I am a brilliant man or that is a really simple problem that shouldn't have come up in the first place. Both is also an option if you want to make me feel good.

  2. you won't want to hear it, but I have a crapton of Dodgers cards here; I know, I know, there are just no Twins to be had there!

    1. Rhubarb - I've got twins for you!

      And who are these cubs traders? I've got cubs too!

  3. Do you still need the 1973 Topps Jim Breazeale I tried to talk you out of redeeming from the Transmogrifier? I forgot to send it to you and I have it on my desk right now. Let me know and I'll send it.

  4. as always, it's a pleasure to trade with you, brother.
    i appreciate the cool post and you know we'll do this again.

  5. Rhubarb_Runner:

    My Twins collection remains pathetic. I just pulled a gold documentary Mauer card and got excited -- that's how bad it is. But there's a show soon!


    Yup. Still need Breazeale. I have some cards ready to send you too. None are Mets though.

  6. Night Owl, do you need the Koufax / Kershaw 'Then & Now' from this years Heritage? If you need it, I will send it.

  7. I certainly do! And Blue Jays are a team that I am stocked up on, so you're in luck.