Saturday, March 5, 2011


If you've been following this blog since the beginning, you may have noticed a pattern through the years. On Night Owl Cards, the spring/summer is a happy time of baseball viewing and baseball card buying. The early fall is a time of fretting over my favorite team. The late fall is a time of being broke. And March is a time of having no time to do a damn thing.

In other words, I repeat myself. A lot.

So, while I'm in this endless time loop, I might as well do what the time loop says to do and tell you how far behind I am.

I'm way behind in getting cards together for certain people. Nachos Grande, Cardboard Collections, All Your Base Cards Belong To Us, My Past Time ... I Love It, Mark's Ephemera, and several others, your cards are in assembly and whenever I get a chance to hit the store, I'll grab some packaging material. Then, another waiting period will commence until I can get to a post office.

I'm way behind in figuring out if I have trade material for a few others, including Scott Crawford (I must enter the puzzle dungeon). Or whether I have a few more cards to add to the items I'm going to send out to Justin's World and Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle, and Closet Full of Cardboard, and ... damn, how did there get to be so many blogs?

I'm also forever behind in trade posts, which is really not unusual at all. My jaw drops when I read "got a trade in the mail today. Here it is."

Don't they know that you must allow two-to-three weeks for a trade to RIPEN? What is wrong with those people?

But even by my usual lax standards I'm falling behind.

So I have no choice.

I'm afraid I must.

It's time.

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!

Oops, sorry, wrong concept.

Let's try it again.


There we go.

And away we go:

Trade from: Are No
Blog: I'm Ballsy
Has he already displayed his half of the trade?: I don't think so. But he announced a few weeks ago that he has computer issues, so his problems are worse than my little "behind in trade posts" predicament.
Best card: He did send me a Nomo relic card that I already own (no worries, it'll come in handy). So I'm saying this shiny, foily Topps Super Teams card of Pee Wee is the best.
Were there other cards in the package, dumb-ass?: Um, what? Yeah, sure. Here they are:

I already want bad things to happen to this guy. I need therapy.

Two Cardinals who I believe are no longer Cardinals. Down to needing five cards to finish off the '09 OPC set.

Some Triple Threads fanciness that perplexes, dazzles and appalls all at the same time.

Are No sent this Ballpark card in which he drew something illegal in Lincecum's mouth on the penny sleeve. Isn't that great?

Except it's not on the sleeve at all! It's on the card! Now that is a true Dodger fan. Nice work, my friend.

Trade from: The Card Addict
Blog: Closet Full of Cardboard
Has he already displayed his half of the trade?: No, because it wasn't a trade. I won these cards in a contest for making a little guess. I've already shown the Kershaw he sent. These are the rest of the cards.
Best card: I liked the Kershaws best, but this gold parallel of the happy Dodgers outfield is pretty good.
Were there other cards in the package, dumb-ass?: There we -- you know, that's pretty rude. Yes, there were other cards. Here they are:

Two different parallels of the Dodgers' No. 6 starter who is out of commission until May or June. Oh, well. Good thing L.A. has 46 other relievers in camp.

No way these two belong together. No way, no how. No way, no how. No way, no how.

First blue parallel I've gotten from last year's Opening Day. These have to be more valuable than gold parallels don't they? I think they took Opening Day off the shelves a month after it came out last year.

This is a Card Your Mom Threw Out. What she was doing in my house flipping through my collection is another story for another time.

The Card Addict sent me the first Dodger I ever pulled out of a pack. That is too cool, and reason enough to find some Rays for him -- eventually.

Trade from: Baseball Dad
Blog: All Tribe Baseball
Has he already displayed his half of the trade?: A long time ago.
Best card: It was the Kershaw Brooklyn patch card from 2011 Topps that I displayed last week.
Were there other cards in the package, dumb-ass?: You know, I don't like your attitude. But I'll show the cards anyway, because I'm a nice guy.

Jack didn't tell me he was a secret Raul Mondesi fan. Feel free to let go of the rest of the Rauls, Baseball Dad!

Trade from: The Lost Collector
Blog: The Lost Collector
Has he already displayed his half of the trade?: Yup.
Best card: I'd say this Piazza Score card, which I can't believe I don't have already. But that's what the want list said.
Were there other cards in the package, dumb-ass?: Fine, just because you insist on being so rude, here:

You're lucky I'm not showing the Jeff Kent card he sent, too.

The Lost Collector and I grew up in the same town. But he ended up being a Yankee fan, so that explains the "lost" part.

I'm kidding.


Trade from: Greg H.
Blog: Wolvering Musings
Has he already displayed his half of the trade: I don't think so, since I just sent out his cards.
Best card: That was the Kershaw diamond parallel, which I've already shown.
Were there other cards in the package, dumb-ass?: Yes, jerk-off, there was the Lilly diamond parallel, and this:

Nifty, eh? That's an on-card auto.

Greg hoped that I didn't already have this card.

But I do. For comparison:

The other one is on the left. If you examine the signatures, it looks like Hooton's pen was starting to run out on the second card.

It's not a big deal that I have two. Well, it is a big deal in that I can send one to another blogger. It's a lot more interesting than sending them a 1990 Mike Scioscia card.

Trade from: Mariner1
Blog: Emerald City Diamond Gems
Has he displayed his half of the trade already: I'm not sure. Larry posts a lot. I do know that he didn't have to send any cards. He sent out a Christmas card in December with cards in it. I sent some stuff back just to say thanks, and before you know it, I get more Dodgers in the mail. Now, that's a trader.
Best card: Shiny SP Karros here.
Where there other cards in the package, dumb-ass?: Yes, there were. But I'm not showing them because I've had enough out of you.

Thanks to all the fine bloggers. Still not through with the trade posts, but I should be getting my act together on both posts and packing up cards the early part of next week. Then it gets crazy busy once again.

By then, I WILL need a road trip.


  1. Is Mondesi's bat actually bent at the impact of hitting the ball? That's great.

  2. Do you owe me some cards that I don't remember?

  3. And the Hooton signatures? I think that one is a Bronze version and one is a Gold version. Don't trade either, you completist.

  4. cubsfan731,

    Well, you wanted the Snider '84 Donruss card, so I figured I'd see what else I have.


    Are you jus playin' or do you know something I don't?

  5. Do you need more Rauls ?
    Oh, and there ARE bronze, gold and silver versions of those Past Time Pennants !

  6. Baseball Dad ~

    I believe the answer to that question is "always."

    And thanks for confirming for me that Upper Deck was evil and exploitive of our addicted inability not to collect pointless parallels.