Monday, March 14, 2011

A bad-ass oversight

I'll let you know right up front, it's going to be difficult to get a post out of me this week. Back-to-back-to-back-to-back 12-hour work days, along with annually the busiest Saturday of the year, will bring my hobby habits to a semi-screeching halt.

But I'll do what I can.

I'll begin with the results of the latest "Best of the '70s" poll. The numbers are in on which '70s Topps Tom Seaver card you consider the best, and the winner is no surprise at all.

In third place with five votes:

Artificial turf Seaver.

In a tie for second place with six votes each:

Look-at-the-legs-on-that-guy Seaver ...

... and, yes-my-signature-is-sideways-you-want-to-make-something-out-of-it Seaver.

But, in first place with 19 votes because this was no contest:

Comin' at ya Seaver.

Great card. Cropped a bit strangely. But great card.

The 1974 Seaver will be entered into the Best of the '70s page as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for your votes.

Often times these "Best of the '70s" posts segue into a bad-ass post, and I suppose you're wondering whether Seaver will make it into the "I'm Badass and You're Not" club.

Not yet.

Before Seaver can get in, this guy gets in:

You can cry all you want about his won-loss record or his rainbow-colored jammies (love this card, by the way). But anyone who can consistently throw above 100 miles an hour, obliterate the record for career no-hitters, annihilate the record for career strikeouts, still bring it at age 46, and help lead his team into their first World Series without throwing a single pitch, is definitely bad-ass.

I remember during the World Series last year, Yankees fans laughing at Ryan because he seemed to be pouting in the stands while the Giants rallied against his Rangers.

You think Ryan cared that fans of a team that his team just eliminated were laughing? Probably not. But more likely he didn't even know they were doing that. You know why? Because nobody dared laugh in his face.

That would be a recipe for a beat-down.

Ask Chuck Greenberg.

Ask Robin Ventura.

Nolan Ryan is Badass and You're Not.

Welcome to the club, sir. Should've gotten you in a lot earlier.


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