Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In lieu of actual content

I thought I would have time to write a post on a topic that might actually interest a few readers. But, alas, the calendar has not changed, and I find myself rushing just to squeeze in a simple trade post.

Yes, I just used the word "alas." Still have time to do goofy stuff like that.

Anyway, I'm showing some goodies from three recent package arrivals. They originated, respectively, from Colbey at Cardboard Collections, Julie at Things Are Funner Here, and Scott at Scott Crawford on Cards! These are my first trades with all three of these individuals, which is cool, because I've traded with over a hundred bloggers now, and it's always nice to find some new friends. Not that I've ditched the old friends. Don't get insecure.

So here are the cards that I'll no doubt be recording and filing during my glorious two baseball-filled days later this week.

But not now. Only the grim recounting of card arrivals as I toil through a thankless job.

And onward!

The first set of cards is from Cardboard Collections. Colbey seems like a great guy. He sure does send some nice cards and operate some attractive group breaks. And this sure is a round card that reminds me of those '70s cards that used to come with wiffle balls. Love it.

This card is for AdamE, who says Pedro looks wrong in Dodger blue. Well, I have a whole bunch of cards of Pedro looking wrong then. I don't know how you can look wrong when it's the uniform you wore first. If anyone looks wrong in a Dodger uniform it's Delino Deshields.

This is a mini Bazooka card from 2003. The stat line on the back gives McGriff's 2002 stats but lists him as playing for the Dodgers. So it says that McGriff hit 30 home runs and drove in 103 runs for the Dodgers in 2002, which I don't remember AT ALL. Turns out he did that with the Cubs.

I do not have time to write anything about this card. It's ... uh ... vigorously white?

Target Throwback Dodgers. Topps would gain one more collector trying to complete the set -- me -- if it made the Throwback cards the base set cards. Probably not enough to offset the costs, I'm guessing.

Jeff Hamilton is three letters away from being Josh Hamilton. There's your deep thought for the day.

Colbey sent three Hideo Nomo cards in hopes I didn't have them. Turns out I didn't have two, which you see here. The Victory card is a parallel because Victory had to make parallels for the legions of collectors who didn't buy cards from the set.

There were more cards, but I think I'll cut off the Cardboard Collections card show there. Much gratitude and salutations to you, Colbey.

The next group of cards are from Julie at FunnerHere (that's her Twitter ID). I received some Dodger Heritage needs from her, including this one of No. 5 starter Jon Garland, who I hope will remain intact this year. But I have a feeling someone else may work their way into the rotation. My hope is it's John Ely.

 Part of me wishes the Dodgers form a closer-by-committee set-up with Broxton and Hong-Chih Kuo. But I suppose those don't work out too much.

Ethier's being asked to be the team leader this season, according to what I've read and viewed. I just don't see it. I think the team leader thing is overrated, but Ethier just seems like too nice of a guy.

Ooooh, a shiny Heritage Billingsley who has a new contract extension. Likey, likey. This extends my Heritage Chrome Billingsley streak to at least three straight years. Maybe four. I have to check.

Before leaving Julie, I have to show part of what she used for packing material:

Junk wax! Those are the backs of a couple 1989 Topps. In between those two cards was a 1986 Sammy Stewart, 1990 Bryan Clutterbuck and 1990 Fleer Eric Hetzel.

That's great. I think I need the Hetzel card, so I'll try to salvage that one.

Great stuff, Julie. Much obliged.

This item arrives from Scott Crawford on Cards. Scott is a serial poster. I go to read one of his posts and before I know it he's got two more up there as I'm reading the other one. I'm behind in a matter of minutes.

I happened to see this card and it dawned on me that there was a Dodger on there. I'm always forgetting about leader cards when I collect Dodgers. There are so many of them out there that I need. So, yes, many people consider this a Fergie Jenkins card or, especially, a Bob Gibson card. But I'm one of the weirdos who says it's a Bill Singer card.

Final card is the best one. An expertly trimmed Hostess card from 1976. Every Hostess card reminds me of sitting at my grandmother's kitchen table with the cool wall lamp that hung over the table. It had a red glass covering, so if you turned it on, the lamp glowed red. It was awesome.

Scott, you've done good if you can get a memory of grandma's kitchen out of me. Nice work.

Speaking of work, time to get to it. Fortunately, I'll be able to squeeze in some blog reading tonight. Don't tell the boss.


  1. LOL...make that recycled junk wax! Those were cards someone sent to me in a trade as packaging. Now they are legendary!

  2. Rats! I was saving that Hostess Yeager for you. Guess what GCRL gets now?