Saturday, March 12, 2011

What have you done for me lately?

There are certain collectors who will not click on this post because the first image featured is a card that is 38 years old. They want information only on the newest card offerings and don't have time for smelly old cardboard.

That's fine. I do something similar. I often don't click on certain blogs because day after day it's about Panini or the latest rookie I've never heard of. I can't get into that.

But the card blogs I find most interesting are the ones that operate in both worlds. They do the vintage thing and they do the Janet Jackson "what have you done for me lately" thing (this is wild, I swear).

And then you've got a dude like Drew, who combines vintage and new stuff on Drew's Cards. I find that tremendous because I believe he's 14. A 14-year-old interested in old-time cards and old-time players? Now that's my kind of fan. I think he'll always love this game.

Drew recently sent me a mix of old and new cards in our latest trade. The '73 Bill Russell card was one of the older ones.

Here are a few more from my favorite card collecting decade, the 1970s.

But just in case you think Drew is strictly an old soul interested in only cards issued decades before he was born, here is the card that touched off the deal:

That is my first Jonathan Broxton relic card. I know it's only a swatch of an All-Star workout jersey, but considering the focus placed on the largeness of Broxton's jersey (outside of CC Sabathia I can't think of any pitcher who gets more attention for his uniform), I'm happy to have anything connected to his tent-like duds.

Hopefully I have this card in time for Broxton's tremendous comeback year in 2011.

Let's see a few more current Dodgers that Drew sent:

A terrific gold parallel of Ethier possibly going deep against the Padres. If this is so, it could be my most favorite card from all of 2011 Topps.

The write-up on the back is all about Ethier's heritage and his facial features and such. It's very odd. So I'll focus on Ethier's blast on the front. I'll leave it to Padres fans to look up the details and try to dash my dreams. But they're just jealous because they don't have Dre. Or a World Series title.

Dropping Topps 206 was an excellent idea. Never liked it, and the further removed I am from it being on store shelves, the more strange it looks. But it was nice of Billingsley to pose for Topps in front of a foggy swamp.

These are Topps 206 minis that I already have, but the backs are different, so I actually didn't really have them. One of these days I'll evolve into one of those collectors who disregards variation backs entirely -- because I think they're time-wasters, too -- but I just can't put them in the dupes box yet.

Edwin Jackson has played for about 12 teams since he began with the Dodgers. Fortunately he's with the White Sox now, and I can root for him again. I apologize for all the mean things I said to my Jackson relics when he was with the Diamondbacks.

Last card from Drew. I can't get enough of this card. It's Don Sutton's final card from 1989 Score after he returned to complete his career with the Dodgers. (He was a box bottom subject for Topps in '89, too, but this is last base set card from his career).

There was a post yesterday from Stale Gum about cornering the market on the '94 Bowman Ruben Rivera rookie card (*shiver* what a horrible thought, having that many Ruben Riveras. Owning even one is an issue for me). I don't have an intention of ever doing that, but if I did, I don't think I'd mind having 500 or so of the '89 Score Sutton card.

This is not an invitation to a bipping. I just like the card a lot.

There is one other card that Drew sent that I'm saving for a future post. Nothing outstanding, but it's given me an idea, and you fellow bloggers know how valuable ideas are.

So, wasn't that a great mix of new and old? That's how I like it. I'm glad Drew does, too. It makes trading with him fun. Makes his blog fun, too.


  1. Neener neener, Padres.

    Also, Giants suck.

  2. Hey, Night Owl! Can you send one of those Suttons my way. I sent you a package that you should be getting next week. Thanks!

  3. Neener Neener Padres

    Also, Giants rock!!!!

  4. Something vintage, something new
    Something traded, something blue.

    Sorry, I just got back from a wedding.

  5. Yup, Spiegel, I'll save you a Sutton.

  6. You know I'm reading and I like both old and new. Now, let's see how many Suttons I can find ....

  7. Hey, thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it dude. And I'm glad you liked the cards! I'm 14, and I appreciate learning about the past greats and even every day players. It's a nice compliment to learning about the newer players.