Saturday, May 25, 2013

Still good for something

This month I passed my one-year anniversary of being on Listia. I only know this because they sent me some "Happy Listia Birthday" email and gave me some free listing thingy. I didn't pay attention to what it was exactly, but I think it's one of those special auctions that pops up in the blue boxes at the top of a listings page ... you know, the boxes I ignore.

None of it matters because I'm doing less and less on Listia these days. I don't really have the time for it presently, and the "good buys" on the site are getting rarer and rarer. There have always been goofballs on there that think an unopened pack of 1990 Donruss starts at 2,000 credits, but even the rational people seem to be starting every bid at 499, and unless it's a card I really, really need, I'm not bidding 499 to start.

None of my auctions on there have started at more than 100 credits, and I've done just fine. Out of 50 or so auctions I've put up, only one did not "sell." And I'd say 80-85 percent "sold" for way more than I figured.

It's not as easy, breezy as it once was.

But I hope to find some time for putting more unwanted crap on there because if I am even more patient with the site than I have been in the past, I'll still find an item I need.

For example, I'll take a Kemp card in the mail anyway I can get it. He doesn't make many trips to my home anymore.

Listia was also good for helping me name another set in the Define the Design quest.

Someone offered a group of nine 1996 Bowman Dodgers for a very nice "those were the days" credit price. Most of the cards were ones I had already. But you know us team collectors. If there is even one card in a lot that's needed, we're dragging the whole load of garbage with us.

I was more than happy to scratch the following off my want list:

David "don't call me Dwight" Yocum and one of the favorite childhood players of current Dodger pitcher Matt Magill, Chan Ho Park.

And since "the burlap set" was already taken by 1968 Topps, I decided to go with ...

... "the tweed jacket set" for 1996 Bowman.

So, I suppose if I still can get a Matt Kemp card and a Define the Design name out of Listia then it's still good for something.

Just don't scare me away for good.


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  2. One of these days I'm going to have to check out Listia.

    (forgot to proof read !)

  3. Love the Wilton Guerrero card. I saw him get tossed out of a game once for using a corked bat.

  4. I never got past the "goofballs" myself.

  5. Very strange. Even though I was pseudo-actively collecting at the time, I don't remember ever seeing those '96 Bowmans. I think I may actually like them, even though part of me says I shouldn't. I do know I need to find me a copy of that Nomo, though.