Saturday, March 9, 2013

'70s set completion progress report

OK, everyone, it's time to get your scorecards out and follow my completion progress with 1970s Topps sets.

For those of you who have fallen behind miserably because you were drawing Van Halen logos on your desk while I was going over this very important information previously, here are the 1970s sets that I have completed thus far:

1971 Topps
1974 Topps
1975 Topps
1976 Topps
1978 Topps

And here are the '70s sets that I am focusing on right now:

1972 Topps
1977 Topps

Caught up?

OK, prepare to start writing, because I've got some more '72 and '77s to show.

No groaning!

I don't care if you don't know who Jim Foor, Tim Hosley and Paul Jata are! The world doesn't revolve around Mike Trout! His baseball forefathers are the reason you're still paying attention to this game. (P.S., I've never heard of Jim Foor either).

The 1972's came courtesy of Greg from Nearly Mint, or @grogg, if you prefer. It was part of the fantastic package that also included those 1975 Topps upgrades (and I haven't even gotten to the Dodger goodies yet).

Ah, vibrant color. I can't get enough of the '72s.

Completing the '72 set is about as difficult as finishing off one of today's Heritage sets, only without the hatred for certain players contained therein.

When I was trying to complete the '71 set -- also known for its difficulty -- I periodically gave an update on how much of the set I had completed.

So, here, for the first time, is my 1972 Topps percentage update.

Oh, wait ...

... I forgot a couple ...

(How fantastic is it that there is a tractor in the background of the Northrup photo?)

With the cards I just received, I have now completed:


Memorize it. It's going to be on the test.

Greg also took a crack at my 1977 Topps completion quest with some very nice, minty specimens:

Lots of great needs there -- both upgrades and holes to fill. (I've always been suspicious of this Glenn Borgmann card, that he really wasn't a ballplayer, that he was a 9th-grade earth science teacher who got ahold of a cap and a uniform and convinced Topps to take a photo).

I especially appreciate this card:

People hang onto their Bruce Sutter rookies for some reason. I've been trying to upgrade this thing since the '80s.

Robert from $30 A Week Habit also got into the act with a few 1977 needs like this airbrushed goodie of Rollie Fingers. This is a card I once had and was in such denial about trading it away that I just kept right on thinking I still had it.

But now I have it and it's recorded for everyone to see ...

You are writing this down, right?

A couple of Texas Rangers, one with an exploding scoreboard in the back.

And, finally, one of the epic cards of my childhood.

With the addition of these cards, this means I'm very close to finishing the 1977 set.

What's the percentage?

Get the writing devices ready:


Yup. Only 13 cards to go.

I should be able to finish that set off before Topps is infesting everybody with Archives and Gypsy Queen.

Once I complete the 1977 set, I think that will be my cue to start thinking about completing the 1979 Topps set -- the last set from my first collecting stage that I need to finish.

But I'm not doing anything with 1979 until I get '77 done.

Not even going to think about it until I can stare at my complete 1977 binder.

Nope, not going to do it.

No want list.

No begging for cards ...

Oh wait. Hang on a second, I've got to get the mail ...




Hey! Cool! A package from Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk!

That's unexpected. Let's see what's inside.





Might have to get together that 1979 want list earlier than I thought.

Class dismissed.


  1. When you're ready to tackle '79!let me know. I might not have extras of some of the big cards but I should be able to help with quite a few. I have a boat load sitting around that I bought a 4000 count box of them for like $10.

  2. I used to look at my 77's, 78's and 79's so much that I've never written down what I needed. I could just look at the card and tell whether I had it or not. That worked in my 20's. Now that I'm in my 40's I see a card I don't recognize and bring it home and find out I already have three. Stupid aging.

  3. I'm completely subject to sending anything at almost any time.

  4. I have quite a few 79 cards floating around here and have been thinking of packaging them up for you. Condition isn't ideal on all of them but they should be a good start. If you don't get that list together soon, you may just end up with a random mix...

  5. Your 77 want list is going to be very small after you receive my package (mailed yesterday) next week....odd timing!

  6. You've got 5 sets completed from the '70s? Wow... you're kicking my butt. I only have 1 ('79) and I need 1,574 more cards for the decade. I got you beat in '72s though (76/1%).

    You'll be cross with me if I tell you how many '75's I need so I won't.

  7. Congratulations on completing those five sets... and best of luck on the 72 and 77 sets.

    By the way... when's the quiz and do I have any homework tonight? Can I borrow a pencil? How many more minutes until recess? Oh wait... one more thing, can I use the bathroom?