Sunday, March 17, 2013


It would have been nice if I could have nabbed all the Dodgers emerald/rain forest parallels by St. Patrick's Day and shown them here.

But I don't believe in buying full sets during the current collecting season. That leaves me at the mercy of what I pull and what my connections pull.

So far we've pulled just short of half:

The Matt Kemp greenie is on its way, too, to get me to eight away from completion (but with Series 2 and Update on the way, too ... yup, I think these parallels are going to be shown again next St. Patrick's Day).

One thing I've noticed with these cards is how easily they ding. I've pulled 2 or 3 out of the pack where the foily stuff is already pulling away from the corners. That's a little discouraging.

They still are very attractive cards and appropriate today.

Enjoy the festivities. Even if you insist on eating cabbage.

And keep on collecting. The pot of gold is out there somewhere.

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  1. I never gave a thought to St. Patty's Day or I would have had Kemp there in time.
    But now he's sandwiched in between two pots of gold so I'll get him on the way!