Monday, March 4, 2013

Red vs. blue

OK, you political types, you can stop reading now. Nothing to see here. Go somewhere else and babble about sequesters. I'm babbling about cards.

Ever since the 2011 Topps Update set -- when the current color-coding system for retail parallels first began -- I have wondered whether one color of parallel would become more plentiful than the other, and in time, more valuable than the other.

As you know, red parallels are available only out of Target packs. And blue parallels available only out of Walmart packs.

I shop at Walmart a lot more than I shop at Target. It's not by choice. I actually enjoy walking into a Target a lot more than I enjoy walking into a Walmart. But the fact is Walmart is much more accommodating to my needs. First, Walmart's wares cost less. Second, Walmart has a hardware section. Third, Walmart is open around the clock, while Target closes up for the night.

All of these factors -- especially that last one, because I shop at 2 in the morning a LOT -- mean I plunk down a few coins for rack packs much more often in Walmart than I do in Target, and therefore should end up with a lot more blue parallels than red parallels.

It took a couple of years for this to happen, but it finally did this year.

Through my 2013 Topps purchases, I have pulled two Walmart blue Dodger parallels and one Target red parallel. Not much of a difference, obviously, but my purchases have been pretty limited.

However, if you add in the parallels sent to me by others, the pattern continues.

This red parallel that I received from madding of Cards on Cards is the seventh Target red Dodger parallel that I have accumulated so far this year.

But I already have 11 Walmart blue Dodger parallels.

So, not only have I pulled more Walmart blue Dodger parallels than Target red Dodger parallels, but it appears others have, too. Either that or some PEOPLE ARE HOLDING OUT ON ME.

OK, it's an insanely small sample size.

But if I include all teams, I'm looking at a healthy stack of Walmart blue parallels in my 2013 card collection and a paltry sum of six Target red parallels. I am so aware of the difference that when I find myself headed to Walmart and I know I'll probably grab a pack of cards, I'll think, "I should really go to Target instead, so I can get more reds."

But then I remember, "crap, Target's closed" or "I can't even find a screwdriver in that store." And it's off to Walmart again to brave the crazies.

Of course, I don't actually expect there to be a massive difference between red and blue parallels on a large scale. There are just too many Targets out there. I guess if we're talking about rarity, I should point out Toys R' Us purple parallels, which I almost never see. And even then, if there is no serial number on the back, then no one is going to pay a premium for it.

I just know there is a disparity between red and blue (and purple) in my collection and I don't like it.

I have recently added to my want list the 2013 Dodger parallels that I need to complete the red and blue and purple sets. So if you are so inclined, please check them out.

While you're checking that out, I'll show some more cards from Cards on Cards.

Don't worry, it's only a trade post from here on out. You're not missing anything.

See? It's J.D. Drew. I told you you weren't missing anything. They even have him standing in front of something that looks like a target. Apparently even the card companies had issues with him.

Yup. Documentary. Still not missing anything. But I'm determined to accumulate the whole damn Dodger season eventually. I'm committed to this sickness.

This is not an actual 1977 Topps Don Sutton. It's one of those 60 Years of Topps things. Apparently this such a desirable cool, old card to have that Topps had to make replicas. But it's lost on me because I was around pulling the actual Sutton card in 1977. I have three or four of them.

Joke's on me, of course, because I NEEDED this replica.

I'm so messed up.

Now that Martin's a Pirate I'm supposed to like him again, I think.

Unfortunately, I can't. Too much Yankee residue.

My first 2004 Sweet Spot card. Congratulate me.

Finally, this fantastic 1993 Upper Deck Then & Now hologram insert. '93 Upper Deck had the best of everything and madding knows this.

I have completed the '93 base set, but there are lots of inserts left that I haven't really bothered to list as wants. This is the greatest of the insert sets. And Winfield can join my Don Mattingly in one of the coolest sections of any binder that I have.

So there you are.

Some cards from a fan of a red team sent to a fan of a blue team.

Speaking of red vs. blue.


  1. Cool, i suppose dodger cards look better in blue border, & red sox, cardinals with the red border.

  2. Sarcastic Comment of the Day: Congratulations on your first '04 Sweet Spot card. You asked for it and you're a glutton for punishment hence your '08 Documentary sickness. Don't worry though, I have that same sickness too!

  3. I found '08 Documentary at the Dollar Tree in my area. Did I pass it by? No. I must be sick too.

  4. I actually broke down and bought the Giants team set from Documentary, took up a bunch of binder pages!