Monday, March 11, 2013

Team colors: Yankees

I'm looking for a way to turn this into a "business" card. The image was devised and sent to me by Mark from Mark's Ephemera. It's pretty cool, and I'm sure making a card out of it wouldn't be too difficult.

The question is: will I have the time?

That's always the question. To illustrate, I received an astonishing assortment of card packages today. Possibly the greatest mail since I've been doing this blog -- mostly because all three packages were tied together by one theme, but each unique in their own way. But I have no time to show them off. It would take too much focus (and too much scanning) and there isn't much of that available today.

So I'll save that for another day and instead present you with another installment of "team colors."

This is the final Team Colors in the series. I've now documented all 30 teams and I've decided I'm not going to extend the series by charting colors for defunct teams. Once I take care of the Yankees, I might do a wrap-up post at some point. And I've got to update previous posts with the 2013 (and in some cases, 2012) sets. But that's it.

But, first, let's look at the Yankees. I appropriate saved them for last, because I don't like talking about them.

The Yankees' colors for years have been "navy" and "white." Recently, they have gone to "midnight navy," whatever that means. Like the Tigers, I have always interpreted the Yankees' navy color as "black." It's too dark to be blue or even navy. I suppose that's where the "midnight" comes in -- but I think they should just put the black hat on and be done with already. It suits them well.

The color also seems to have thrown off Topps because it took awhile before it began using blue as the primary color with the Yankees.

The color it first used with the Yankees -- red -- has been used quite a bit with their cards over the years.

In fact, for the first year that Topps picked colors according to which team that was featured -- 1964 -- it went with red.

So let's see if navy or blue beats out red in the end.

The list for the years when Topps used certain colors depending on which team was featured:

1964: red and black
1965: pink and yellow
1966: red and yellow
1967: red
1968: red and yellow
1969: red and yellow
1971: green, yellow and red
1972: yellow, red and orange
1974: black and yellow
1976: green and blue
1977: gold and blue
1978: gold and purple
1979: gold and blue
1980: red, blue and orange
1981: pink and purple
1982: red and purple
1983: blue and gold
1984: purple and orange
1985: blue
1986: white
1987: red
1988: red, purple and yellow
1989: red and blue
1991: gray and blue
1992: blue, light blue and gray
1993: red and blue
1994: blue and red
1998: blue
2000: blue
2002: red and blue
2003: gray and red
2004: blue and gray
2005: blue and gray
2006: blue and red
2007: red and blue
2008: blue and gray
2009: blue
2010: blue
2011: blue
2012: blue
2013: blue

Blue really turned it on the last decade or so. Red was in the lead until about eight years ago.

So ...

Yankees team colors: Navy (blue) and white

What Topps says are the Yankees' team colors: Navy (blue) and red

Hee-hee. I just had to show that again. Craaaaaaaaaaa-ni-uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

And thus ends another series. This one took 2 1/2 years to do. It was a fun little exercise, mostly done to satisfy my curiosity. But I'll go more into that when I do the wrap-up.

(The tally: Blue-24, Red-18, Yellow-8, Gray-6, Purple-5, Gold-4, Orange-3, Black-2, Pink-2, Green-2, Light Blue-1, White-1)


  1. VistaPrint? They're pretty cheap sometimes.

  2. surely it should be the size of ... a baseball card (mini?)