Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random vintage can do no wrong

I recently completed another Twitter trade with a fellow Dodger fan named Fernando. (How appropriate is that name?)

The deal was mostly Dodgers for Dodgers. Fernando (or @NorCalDodger) found a few cards from my want list, like this amusing Action Packed item of Todd Hollandsworth, and I sent him some of the bazillion dupes that I own.

But amid the want list needs that I received, I was pleasantly surprised by a few extras. See if you can tell what I mean by looking at some of the cards.

Did your eyes light up in the middle there?

Mine did.

And it's not just because the non-Dodgers in that series were unexpected.

It was because the non-Dodgers were unexpected VINTAGE.

How delightful to receive a random 1966 Topps card and a random subset item from 1973 Topps just because. I have absolutely no connection to the Astros beyond being able to tell you their 1980 starting lineup. I can't even tell you who Chris Zachary is.

Does it matter that he isn't wearing a cap? And does it matter that there's a boy in a pool on the other card? No and No.

Because it's RANDOM VINTAGE!

See if you feel the same thing after I show you this:

You don't feel the same, do you?

You feel sad, bored and ripped-off.

That's because 1986 and 1989 Topps is not RANDOM VINTAGE!

Random vintage can do no wrong. Tell me when it is ever excusable to send someone who is not a Twins fan a 1987 commons card of a Twin? Never. It's grounds for a bipping.

But send someone a Twin from 1963? It doesn't matter if the guy had one at-bat for his entire career and struck out looking. It's from 1963! It's vintage! It's random!

I wish I had vintage cards just sitting about where I could throw a few in -- at my whim and fancy -- into every package. What a merry old soul I would be. Unfortunately, most of my vintage cards are tied up in sets. Until I rectify that, it will just go on my "How To Be a Better Night Owl" list.

Random vintage.

It's the best.

(P.S.: 2B Joe Morgan, 3B Enos Cabell, RF Terry Puhl, LF Jose Cruz, CF Cesar Cedeno, 1B Art Howe, C Alan Ashby, SS Craig Reynolds).


  1. I had one of those Todd Hollandsworth cards, with a teeny tiny diamond chip on it. Actually, I had two, because Action Packed messed up. I have NO idea where they went.

  2. You're not attached to that '89 Topps Greg Gross are you?

    Just kidding, I've got plenty.