Sunday, March 3, 2013

Awesome night card, pt. 171

Almost two years ago, I came up with a plan for a series of posts that would reveal the all-time nickname team for each decade of baseball history.

Relying on recommendations from readers, as well as my own research, I would compile the best nicknames in pleasing position-by-position fashion, decade by decade.

Some folks thought it was a good idea and gave me lots of nice nickname suggestions. I filed those names away for future use, giddy with the thought of new blog material for months to come.  ... and then promptly dropped it.

It was a pretty involved project and time constraints interfered with me moving forward with it. Pretty soon I just forgot about it altogether.

I feel bad about that, so I'm going to try it again. Armed with the nicknames already supplied to me, I'm going to ask again, "what are some great player nicknames over the years that deserve to be mentioned among the all-time nickname teams?"

The nicknames can come from anywhere. Player-generated. Media-generated. If you want to go the derisive nickname route, I'll even consider that. But I'm looking mostly for readily recognized, commonly used nicknames.

Players like Chili Davis here are eligible, too. Although he was known as "Chili" his entire career, his real name is "Charles." So, "Chili" is a worthy nickname. (I'd also like to recognize that Skeeter Barnes' birthday is today, speaking of great nicknames).

If you've already submitted ideas, feel free to submit others.

I'll try to do real actual work on this project this time ... and suddenly I feel like I'm talking to my boss.

Anyway, submit any suggestions in the comments.

Thanks, Owl


Awesome Night Card Binder candidate: Chili Davis, 1992 Stadium Club Dome, #32
Does it make the binder?: Yes.


  1. My all time favorite who I keep meaning to post about is Artie Latham, aka "The Freshest Man on Earth." I know at the time that just means he was a troublemaker but I picture him as a turn of the century Will Smith.

  2. Dizzy Dean is a great one that comes to mind.

  3. Bobo. There were 4 Bobo's that played MLB: Holloman, Milliken, Newsom, and Osborn. The first three all played during the 1953 season.

  4. Okay, okay. I'm not a brown-noser, but, c'mon. Pee Wee Reese. Right?

  5. Fred "the Chicken" Stanley
    Walt "no neck" Williams