Saturday, March 2, 2013

My first and perhaps only relic card of 2013

Relic cards and autograph cards -- which still seem to be desirable to many people despite all the shenanigans that go on with these types of cards -- have become almost a non-entity to me.

I've switched off that part of my brain that salivates over "hits" so effectively that I don't even know what kind are available in 2013 Topps. I used to have a fairly good handle on this every year. But now, no idea. And I expect that to continue. With no legitimate hobby shop near me and no desire to search out "hits" online, I'll probably go on in the dark the entire year.

I am totally fine with this. How do I know that? Well, aside from being oblivious to what's in this year's set, I was viewing people slobbering all over Panini's National Treasures book/patch/relic cards the other day. My computer screen was actually oozing spit. It was so gross. You would've thought the cards were made out of gold bars. I just looked at them blankly. No feelings whatsoever.

So with that in mind, I can safely say that this card you see here possibly could be my one and only relic card from 2013 Topps.

It came from The Underdog Card Collector. I actually requested a trade for it -- and I don't know why I did it giving my current attitude about relics.

I think I did it because it was a relic of Hanley Ramirez in a Dodger uniform. That's a first. I've seen Ethier and Kemp and Kershaw and all those guys in relic form time and again. I even pulled a Ramirez jersey card out of a repack during his Marlins days. But Hanley as a Dodger relic? That's new.

I don't know what to think about Ramirez's chances as a Dodger this year. There is a lot of offseason consternation about him -- the kind of stuff that I think is just manufactured to keep every fan addicted to their worry medication. Will he play third? Will he play shortstop? Is he past his prime? Oh, worry, worry, worry. Where are my pills?

But I'm going to stay positive until he proves me otherwise.

Anyway, it's a nice little card, even though the achievement recognizes something accomplished as a Marlin.

And if it's the only relic card I obtain from 2013 Topps, I'm totally fine with it.

Of course now I need to send something back to Zach in exchange for this lonely relic card. And I don't have any relics just lying around anymore.

Hmmm, I guess I should have thought about that, huh?

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  1. I agree that vintage is greater then the relic auto chase, but my burning desire to own every Ryan Howard card out there doesnt stop me from picking up relics. Some of them are very appealing to the eye and do display quite nicely. I don't much care if its some jersey he wore for 10 minutes.