Monday, May 2, 2011

Something for the political junkies

OK, all you people who need to find a winner and loser in everything, here is something to appease your inner ... well, it's never inner with political types -- your outer political junkie.

I've decided names for the card sets that were mentioned  in the last Define the Design post. However, one is without a name and that's why there's a poll on the sidebar for voting purposes. This poll doesn't come with demonstration rallies, angry accusations or name calling. But if you want to vote and then tell everyone they're a fool and worthless for not voting the way you voted, that's your call.

But before I get to that, here are the official names for the following Topps sets:

For the 2011 Topps set: the Baseball Comet set. Community Gum came up with this name and I think it sums the design up nicely. Not an easy set to name, but this works very well. I really like it.

For the 1983 Topps set: the Picture-in-Picture set. It works for the general time period, and everyone will know what it means when they see the name.

By the way, the '83 set worked on just about every level. But there are some clunkers in the set. Those are the cards in wich Topps didn't have an action shot of the player and apparently only one chance to grab a photo. That's when it came up with this:

Comical, yes. But not very effective.

Also, gcrl mentioned that Picture-in-Picture would work better as a name for the 1984 set.

I sort of agree, because of the square orientation of the inset photo. But I don't want to draw attention to what is basically a one-year-later plagiarization of the 1983 set.

I am calling this the Vertical Team Name set, because it's the first and, I believe, last time that Topps featured the team name in a vertical manner in the base set (the 2005 set has the team name running vertically, but sideways).

That leaves the 1963 set, which I thought would be the easiest one to name, but apparently is not.

Several people who left comments came up with good options, including the following:

The James Bond set
The Colored Circle Picture set
The Scope set (maybe the Periscope set?)
The RGBY or Sharp Quattron set (makes sense to me, but you might need clarification)
The Porky Pig Th-Th-Th-Th-That's All Folks set

All good stuff, but I can only pick one, so that's why there is a poll.

Please take a moment to vote.

If you want to boast about your vote and denigrate those who didn't vote the way you did, it's a free country. Not very becoming though.


  1. as an anonymous commenter, I find your politicization of such a thing shocking and will no long -

    wait, my name shows up? Oh. Then, uh, good post..?

  2. I went with the Bond one because that was the first think I thought of. Admittedly, the Porky Pig one is good too (and currently winning) but it's too long of a name for my liking.

  3. Awesome! I named a set! I feel like I've been officially accepted into the blogging club now or something.
    Oh..not that I'm gloating or anything.