Sunday, May 8, 2011

Awesome night card, pt. 110

I have turned out the lights on the blog so that you can enjoy these cards as they were meant to be enjoyed -- in complete darkness.

As you know, I have been in love with this Opening Day Stadium Lights insert set since the first day they were announced to the collecting public. A 10-card set featuring players at night on cards that glow in the dark is definite indefinite proof that Topps is reading my blog.

Yesterday, I received the final card I needed for the set, from GCA. I don't even care that Adrian Gonzalez is photoshopped into a Red Sox uniform and that there is almost no chance that he is actually standing in Fenway Park in this photo. When there is a set of all night cards, I am willing to forgive a thousand card company sins.

Each card mentions the player's night-time statistics on the back. I suppose it would be too much to ask that every player featured in the set performed noticeably better in night games than in day games. But only the Miguel Cabrera, Chase Utley and Pedro Alvarez cards mention that.

As for the entire set, I managed to pull just two of the 10 cards. All the rest came from fellow collectors, and that is fantastic.

So, without anymore yammering, I present to you the full set in all of its brilliant splendor. Let loose with the ooohs and aaahs:

Best insert set of the year.

I'll turn the lights back on tomorrow.

(Happy mom's day!)


  1. Keep the lights out! The blog looks fantastic in all black. :)

  2. I haad the lights out in my room here (always do... hate the light) and even then I couldn't see them glow in the dark! What the hell? Do I have to turn my monitor off too?

  3. Ahhhhh, night cards! Of course! And all this time I thought this set was dedicated to players swinging bats with donuts on them.

  4. The more I think of it - I truly believe someone at Topps created this set for you.

    A reason not to think so would be no Dodgers but....

    Also, it looks like the cards came from the same/few parks - my guess Yankee Staduim, PNC Park(Braun), Braves Park(Tulo) and (Mauer and Cabrera is in the same staduim)

  5. Congrats on completing the set. It's looking good.

  6. This is what a subset should be ... a set with a true theme instead a bunch of randomness with a cutesy name plastered on the front of them.

  7. Even though both the uniform and background were photoshopped into the card, that's a sharp looking Gonzalez card. I'm thinking of finishing off this set myself and I think that I'll have to pick up an extra A-Gon.

    I currently have the ones that I own on display in a case, but they never end up glowing when I turn out the lights. I'm not sure if the glass is treated or it isn't getting bright enough light. I'll have to do some testing.