Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a load of crap


The L.A. Times is reporting that the Dodgers don't have enough money right now to meet team payroll at the end of the month. Considering the worst owner in all of major league baseball took out a loan to meet payroll last month, this is not good news. It's not like Fox is going to throw him another loan.

It is believed that if the Dodgers can't meet payroll, then the team will be seized by Major League Baseball, and Dodger fans can all hope that Frank McCourt will finally, in his money-grubbing haze, realize that the jig is up.

Of course, he won't because he's an annoying, delusional gnat of an owner. I read a story the other day that quoted anonymous owners as saying that McCourt has been a pain in the commissioner office's ass since he became an owner. He is forever requesting meetings with Bud Selig over how he can bend this rule, and twist this tactic.

I've known people like that. They're annoying as hell. I've wanted to punch every one of them.

I'm not alone. The commissioner wants him gone, the other owners want him gone, the fans want him gone, I'm sure the players probably want him gone. But he shows no signs of going, even though it is inevitable that he will.

To me that is a sign of one thing. It's the sign of a ...

Well, let me allow dayf to explain it:

That sums it up. Thank you for drawing succinctly, sir.

I don't have any solutions to the mess. I don't even know what happens next, except that it's going to be ugly. I'm already sick of wire stories using the phrase "once-proud franchise." It's irritating and inaccurate.

But as long as McCourt is still around, I'll have to deal.

Meanwhile, I have one, meager suggestion that might free up a few dollars during this cash-strapped period.

This guy. Get him off the payroll. Now.

One poopyhead per franchise.


  1. Well said.

    He made his rounds of local radio stations today, taking calls from Dodgers fans. He sounded so nervous while answering. The guy is a sheister and a loser. It's so freakin' sad.

  2. Mr. Broxton is going to be "relieved" off of my fantasy baseball team today. He's killing me!!!

  3. you have an owner with no money who likes to spend money....... I have an owner with lots of monney who won't spoend any...

    yours may be worse... but not by much.

  4. speaking of worse... my typing. wow.