Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sometimes the nebulous 9 is too effective

No doubt, the Nebulous 9 has been a tremendous way to obtain the cards that I want. If you don't have one of these things on your sidebar yet, then you're probably wondering why there are no card shows anymore and why the drug store on the corner doesn't sell cards.


But really, neanderthal, think about it. Unless you're one of those people with impossible collections, it's about as effective a tool for obtaining cards that I have ever come across.

Sometimes, it can be TOO effective, which I'll demonstrate in a minute.

But first, I'm showing a card from 1990 Fleer that was a former Nebulous 9 need.

I am not ashamed. I hold my head up high. I admit my faults. Yes, I placed a 1990 Fleer card on the Nebulous 9 list. We can't all bust cases every day.

AJ of The Lost Collector took pity and sent the single card to me out of the goodness of his own heart. Keep in mind, he's a Yankee fan. So this was epic.

Still kidding.

In my defense, the Kal Daniels card IS from the update set. So I think that's slightly more difficult to obtain than a regular 1990 Fleer card.

Still, it took awhile for someone to find one for me. And I received only one, which did not happen with a couple of other cards.

I received this card from GCA of The Collective Mind. The Lasorda '03 Fan Favorites card was an old standby on the Nebulous 9.

And I received this card from Greg of Nearly Mint. No, this is not merely the same image duplicated. I'm not that lazy. These are two separate scans of two separate mailings of the same card.

Again, here is a Hideo Nomo card from 1995 Topps Traded from Spiegel of Nomo's Sushi Platter. This card was on the Nebulous 9 for a long time.

And here is the same card sent by Matt F. of Heartbreaking Cards.

Both of these cards came from known Nomo collectors and both arrived within the same week.

The Nebulous 9 seems to be too powerful for its own good.

Before my creation goes amok and starts spitting 1988 Donruss all over my lawn, I'm making a slight alteration.

As everyone does with their want lists, I will bold cards on the Nebulous 9 list that are in current transactions. That probably would have prevented the previous duplication of cards as people raced to satisfy my wants and needs.

(Oh why can't the rest of life be this way?)

I also received another Nebulous 9 want from Matt. It is another Nomo card from '95 Topps Traded.

Only one person sent me this card. Don't know if I have all the rookie Nomos yet, but I'm getting pretty close.

The Nebulous 9 continues to perform well past my expectations. It needs a little tweaking, but I think I've gained probably around 25-30 cards from the Nebulous 9 list alone.

And now a few doubles, too.

(More cards from GCA, Nearly Mint and Spiegel to come).


  1. You have had better luck with your than i have with mine. I have only got maybe 5 cards off of it in over a year. I even try to put stuff that lots of people would have and would be willing to part with.

  2. Speaking of the nebulous 9, I've been meaning to email you, but this is even better. Is the 2010 Topps Update CYMTO Piazza/Griffey Jr. that you want with the original or the regular back? (Wasn't CYMTO the ones that had the original back parallels?) I have the regular back for you if that's the card you seek.

  3. I make it policy not to recognize back parallels (with a few rare exceptions). So either one will do.

  4. While rummaging through my stacks recently I came across a copy of that Nomo Star Track card without any foil on the front. No "Star Track", no "Hideo Nomo". Just the picture and the black stripes. It is an oddly compelling card, but I have no need for it. If you want it, let me know and I'll send it your way.

    skoormit AT gmail