Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I need more Giants fans in my life

No, I haven't lost it. In fact I've addressed this before (but can't find the post right now).

Yes, the Giants disgust me. Yes, the very thought of someone rooting for that team while in my general vicinity repulses me. Yes, Giants fans stink like the dumpster outside Arby's (OK, that is only my personal experience with one fan, and a very small sample size).

But they come in very handy in trading.

Unfortunately, there aren't Giants fans around at all. I think everyone who blogs about cards realizes this. It had been almost two years since I've traded with a Giants fan. In that span, I've probably traded with 7 different Mets, Cubs, Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, Braves and Tigers fans APIECE.

Even the Giants lucking into a World Series title hasn't appeared to create any more Giants card collectors -- unless you include Tim "Smoky" Lincecum collectors.

Until now.

A Giants fan contacted me recently about a trade. I nearly deleted the email thinking it was spam. A Giants card collector? That is too funny. Those spammers need to learn a lot more about this hobby. Pretend to be a Red Sox collector or a Mets collector. You'll get better results. Giants fan. Hee-hee.

But, wait! It was true! Adam is a living, breathing Giants fan. Now, now, don't feel sorry for him. He's apparently doing well enough to collect a bunch of Dodgers cards that I need. And he was willing to send them to me.

I sent him a big box of Giants cards that I couldn't wait to get out of my sight -- the party is still going on -- and he sent me a big box of Dodgers cards. It was great. These are the best kind of trades. I still have Giants cards I need to rid myself of, Adam. So I'm ready for another swap when you are.

But here is a look at what I received this time:

First, a card of my favorite all-time player, the Penguin. I was informed recently that Giants fans do not like Ron Cey. That just proves that Giants fans are messed up. An amiable slugger who runs like our Antarctic friends? What's not to like?

Now, him, I understand. But he has the taint of Giant on him.

Here is another guy who played for both the Dodgers and the Giants. I'm going to have to see if this is the best-looking card in the 1992 set. Yes, I know there's Lasorda and Cal Ripken. But it's got to be in the top 10.

The Topps Archives cards lose their impact when you already have the original. I have the original for all three of these cards.

I do not own the original for this card, nor do I expect to obtain it any time soon. This is where Topps Archives makes its money.

I'm not crazy about 2001 Fleer Greats. I'm sure they're terrific for autographs, but that means little to me.

Now, 2003 Flair Greats is much more my style. I look at those guys and I can only root for the Dodgers.

The dreaded press proof parallel. Only a Level 4 on the parallel meter.

Here is a Museum Collection parallel. I guess that would fall in the "miscellaneous" category of parallels. If you move this card back and forth, Mondesi's face appears to pulsate, which is appropriate given how he is arranged.

I am only showing this card because it's an awkward Skybox Thunder card, and on the back of the card, the write-up (if you can call it that) uses the phrase "True That."

Did you just shudder? I did. I see people use that on Twitter sometimes. It makes me roll up into a little ball and plead for someone to make the noises stop. I want to rip my toes off like Mondesi is doing in the card above.

This card did not exist in 1970. Are we clear on that? OK.

These cards are proof that I still have junk wax card needs. You CAN send me some cards from 1987-93. I WON'T hunt you down and throw the cards back in your face. That is TOTALLY an irrational belief on your part. Get some help.

I don't know why I scan cards three aside. It never works on my blog.

Anyway, here is more proof that I have junk wax needs. I'm still collecting the 1993 Donruss Dodgers team set. It's completely embarrassing and I should do something to rectify that instantly. But at least I'm admitting it publicly.

Adam didn't just send Dodgers, he sent cards from the only Donruss set that matters. More for the set-completion cause!

I'm always amazed when people have these early '80s scratch-off things and they're unscratched. I've never seen such an open invitation. Such will-power, you people. By the way, the birthday boy is at bottom right.

Oooh. A Sweet Spot Signatures of Hot Prospect That Never Was Tim Hamulack. Looks like he signed in pen, which thwarts the whole fading problem that these cards seem to have. Or so I'm told. It's not like I'm ordering cases of the stuff.

A little down on chrome these days. I think it was the 2010 curly-cue issue. Topps is really going to have to work to get me to buy a bunch of chrome this year. I don't even think orange refractors will do it.

Ever upload a card and forget what you wanted to say about it? Yeah.

This card arrived encased in its own tomb, which I'm sure conjures up all kinds of images for Giants fans. But it's a much appreciated item in my home.

Tremendous stuff, Adam. This is what happens when Dodgers and Giants fans get together and exchange cards. I'm always jealous of the Yankees and Red Sox fans who swap cards with each other. Hopefully I can find a Giants fan once in awhile who will want to take some of those nasties off my hands.

But that doesn't mean I'm hoping to see more Giants fans. Or have them move in next to me or anything. I'd have to paint Jackie Robinson on the side of my house to keep them at bay.

There's Jackie now.

He was not a Giant.

Just making that clear.


  1. Awesome trade, Night Owl! I need to find a Giant collector too. The stench of Giant cards is growing in my closet.

  2. I am kind of a Giants fan, but unlike Adam, I don't really collect Giants cards. And in fact, after participating in a few group breaks with Giants as my team, I have a ton of extras. Maybe Adam will see this and work out some fancy trade with me!

    That's a nice haul you got there, by the way.

  3. 2007 Sweet Spot (+ Classic) was the only year with the autograph fading problem. Ol' Pee Wee looks waxy in that card.

  4. Jackie was almost a Giant...

    I loved those museum collection parallels. They should go in level 100 for being sweet.

  5. That Sweet Spot of Ron Cey is begging for an autograph in Blue Sharpie! Do it!!!

  6. I'm like that with the M_ts (they can't afford to buy a vowel). Nice trade!

  7. Glad you liked the cards, I am sure I have enough Dodgers around to make another deal. Let me know and I will start putting them together.

    Thanks, Adam

  8. Sorry about the "K" name, my wife has been on my computer. I still am arpsmith - Adam

  9. and here I thought you meant NY Giants...haha! BTW that's a pretty sweet trade!

  10. Adam, let me know if you have any Rangers you need to move. I haven't been able to find a Giants collector either.