Thursday, April 28, 2011

Define the design, 11T, 63T, 83T

I'm quite certain that this card is the product of an out-of-court settlement between Topps and Michael Saunders. In exchange for Saunders dropping his suit against Topps -- lodged when Topps produced a 2010 Heritage photo that made it look as if Saunders was having his brain pulverized by levitating aliens -- Topps agreed to make Saunders look like a superhero in its 2011 set.

This card, now that I own it, could be the best card of 2011. But this isn't a "best card" post. This is a "define the design" post.

It is time to name the 2011 Topps set.

This set borrows from a few different sets. I'm thinking of 1997 Stadium Club, 1996 Topps and a couple others.  It's a super-clean design, which sometimes makes for difficult naming.

Hmmm, let's see, we have an arch and a snazzy baseball with the team logo. That's not a lot to go on.

The highlight of the design is the baseball, which Topps somehow jiggered to appear as if it is indented inside the colored circle that is wrapped around the baseball. That's some crazy designing voodoo, Topps. If Topps could have figured out a way to make the ball spin inside the circle, that would've blown away those video "card" contraptions that people are writing about on the NEW! NOW! NEXT! blogs.

But anyway, I'm looking for a name for this year's Topps set. If you have any ideas, let me know. I don't have any prize arranged if I pick your idea, although you can have all of my 2011 Topps dupes if you want them.

For those of you who aren't interested in the very latest, I thought you could name some older designs, too.

I'm looking for a name for the 1963 Topps set:

And, just to be difficult, I'm also looking for a name for the 1983 Topps set:

And the word "ripoff" can't be part of the '83 design name.

I'm leaning toward calling one of the sets the "picture in picture" set. I kind of like that.

But I'm sure you have pretty good ideas yourselves.

Some of you may not be aware that I have devoted a page to all the Define the Design names that have been determined so far. It's on the tab at the top of the blog on the far right.

Or, for those of you criminally lazy, click on the link.

Thank you kindly, as always.


  1. Well the first thing I thought of with 2011 is "the baseball at the end of the rainbow" set.

    The smaller picture in 1963 reminds of a James Bond opening sequence, so maybe the Bond set.

    Picture in picture seems to work for 1983, although it could work for several other years as well (1963, 1984).

  2. Wally Moon must have been the loneliest guy on the planet. I mean did he not have one friend to mention his problem. He must have spent lots of time wondering what all the other players in the locker room were snickering about.

    I don't know about 2011 but I have always called 63 the "colored circle picture set"

    how could you call 83 anything but The Gwynn/Boggs RC set.

  3. I go along w/ the Bond Idea. Or Using the term Scope in the name.

    Since the Bond films emerged around 63 I think it is appropriate.

  4. 2011 Topps - The giant baseball rolling over a bridge set
    1963 Topps - The RGBY set (or Sharp Quattron if you prefer)*
    1983 Topps - The best set in the history of the universe forever and ever amen
    Actually, Picture in Picture set is pretty much perfect.

    *Confused? Look at the colors at the bottom of each '63 card. Red Green Blue Yellow. Every card has a combination one or two of those four colors. No pinks, browns, purples or oranges to be found. Quite refreshing after some of the colorful nightmares Topps has put out.

  5. i have referred to the 83 set as the porthole set in the past. it seems to make sense. i think pip would work better for the 84 set.

  6. 1983 Topps: It's not a picture-in-picture-based name, but since it prominently featured Super Veteran cards, I always called it the SUPER VET SET.

  7. With apologies to dayf I would call 2011 The-Best-Design-Ever Set. Or if that's a bit too opinionated I'd go with 3D-Baseball Set.

    1963 ... Second-Best-Design-Ever Set (or Inset-Circle Set). There were other good suggestions posted. PIP works also.

    1983 ... The 1963-Wannabee set.

  8. 2011 is the "Baseball Comet" set.
    1963 - The Porky Pig or "Th-th-th-th-that's all folks set"
    1983 - The "Circle gets the square" set, although I like Picture in picture better.

  9. 2011 reminds me of the Arch in St. Louis, so I'd have to vote for the "Gateway Set." Perhaps it is indicative of good things to come.

    1963. Hmm. PIP would work for the 80s, but seems cliche. The colors on this set are what is defining for me. So, I vote for "Now in Technicolor!"

    1983 is a tough on. Classic set that to me is 75s cool younger cousin. But sticking with themes, I'd say "Popvision."

  10. I like Community Gum's "Baseball Comet" set for 2011.

    I like either of Dayf's for 1963.

    And along the line's of Dayf's name for 1983 set, I think it should just be called "Perfection".

  11. I'm not collecting 2011 Topps,so I'm not going to offer a nickname for it.

    However, both of the other sets feature inset photos, so...

    1963 - The Inset Photo set
    1983 - The Modern Inset Photo set

    or, if you will,

    1983 - The Full-Color Inset Photo set.