Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to the grind

I've returned to the job after a week off. It's amazing how you look forward to an upcoming week without work, dream about everything you'll be able to get done, and the week flies by without you accomplishing a damn thing.

The solution to that is taking two weeks off. One to get organized and one to actually do.

Meanwhile, this is the week when my work hours change. I will be off on Saturday and Sunday like "normal people" in a matter of days. The very thought of it is still freaky, and I expect the entire week to consist of me standing in one place at my desk in complete puzzlement. I'll snap out of it eventually, once I figure out what my job responsibilities are.

With all the upheaval, I have little time for creative posting, so here are some cards that I've received from a few folks recently. Everyone likes to stare at cards, and that can be accomplished even if you don't know which way is up at your job anymore:

This card and the Jackie above were sent by Jeffrey at Cardboard Catastrophes. He asked if I needed any Dodger Heritage cards from this year. The only ones I needed were the two short-prints. He happened to have one! Russ Mitchell is one of about a half-dozen players that appear to be primed to take James Loney's job at first base.

This a fancy international-themed card from Charlie at Lifetime Topps Project. It's from SP Authentic back in 2000, Chan Ho Park's best season in the majors. Then things started to go awry in a variety of messy ways.

Two more cards from Lifetime Topps. One of those Predictor things. I don't know if any ever came true. And a gold parallel of the Star Attractions insert set from '06. I had no idea gold parallels of these things existed.

Speaking of gold and parallels, here is a Manny Starquest card, sent to me by Jeff of My Sports and Sports Cards. This is the gold rare parallel. But it looks almost identical to the First Edition Starquest Manny card, except for the "first edition" notation at the bottom. Upper Deck really liked to screw with parallels.

Two cards from Jeff that I have already, but are very useful. The Icons Billingsley replaces the one I have that somehow got scuffed. The Timeline Loney goes toward my laughable attempt to complete that set.

A note about Loney: He hasn't been productive at all this year. However, I hate it when broadcasters of the opposing team use previous stats to produce comments about what is going on with the player presently. The Mets announcers this weekend kept harping on how terrible Loney looked at the plate, obviously clinging to his previous numbers. Meanwhile, Loney went 4-for-11 in the series and may have snapped out of his slump. Not a word from the Mets announcers about that.

Well, you know I love these cards. I am always amazed when I receive cards from the mid-70s that are in immaculate shape. I am going to have to do something special with these items. I especially appreciate the World Series card and the Baker traded item. I needed the WS card for the Dodger binder, and the Baker card is in dire need of upgrading.

Here's something I never see. A Topps Tribute card from last year. But other than saying that it's shiny and that I like Campy, I'm out of words.

That's OK, I'm sure the boss is calling anyway.

Thanks guys for the cards. I have many other trades to post. I'll squeeze them while I figure out what I'm supposed to do at my job now.

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  1. Manny Mota stole my 75 Topps Manny Mota on saturday. It was in great condition too.