Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jackie in GQ

It's my third Jackie Robinson post in a row! We're celebrating the Memorial Day weekend with all Jackie Robinson all the time! It's Jackie Robinson Weekend! More programming brilliance of the kind you've come to expect from the dedicated folks at Night Owl Cards!

Actually, it's just coincidence.

And there's only one folk.

And this is a poorly disguised trade post.

If you haven't figured out, every Topps card set put out in the last three years is lousy with Robinsons, so I could probably extend Jackie Robinson weekend into the Jackie Robinson Summer of 2011 if I wished.

Gypsy Queen is just one example of a set with countless Jackies. I showed the relic Jackie yesterday. There is also the Great Ones Jackie at the top of the post.

Here is the framed green paper Jackie that arrived from Shane of Off the Wall. I didn't mean to steal Shane's thunder by showing the relic Jackie before this one. But just about all of my life is out of order right now, so it only stands to reason that my trade posts should be. It's still a very cool card. And there's no wooden square obscuring the picture.

It often happens that I land some of these parallel cards before I get the base card. That's especially true with sets I'm not collecting, like Gypsy Queen. I do own the Jackie Robinson base card, fortunately.

But I do not have the base card of this man yet:

What a terrific card. This card arrived from Colbey at Cardboard Collections. These framed cards might be among the best-looking cards of the entire year. I can't recall such a vast difference between the base cards and the parallel cards in any other set -- except UD Baseball Heroes from a few years ago.

Both have agonizing, sleep-inducing base cards and terrific parallels. It's a formula that works, if you don't mind jokers calling your base set as dull as a day at the outlet mall.

Here are two of the base cards now. I could meh all the live long day about them, but instead I'll just ask why is Sandy wearing a mud pack? And move on.

Smed sent me these two cards, by the way. Along with a bunch more ... which I'll get to ... eventually ... probably during the Jackie Robinson Summer of 2011.

Look! A GQ Sick Scoreboard Card, in regular form and mini form!

Both of these came from Jon of Community Gum. I am very appreciative of them because, even though they're dingy base cards, they are also short-prints, which makes them, well, short-print dingy base cards.

I sure do like not having to chase these around. By the way, I hope Chicago or Cincinnati is putting a whooping on San Francisco in the background there.

More mini goodness from Jon (scanner cropped off the bottom of the card). This is the regular back Koufax. I pulled the red back out of a pack a while back. I was going to comment on what a pain different card backs are when coordinating trades, but that would just give the card back variations the attention that they're craving, so I'll stop right now.

Much more deserving of my attention. This card arrived from Community Gum, too. What a pleasing card this is. I like this a lot better than the A&G relics I have of Kemp, in which he's staring blankly at me.

Good stuff.

By the way, I still have the David Wright GQ relic. I'm still taking offers. Dodger GQ relics, or I'll even settle for a Cub GQ relic that I can ship to Jon.

Several of the above folks also sent me some non-GQ cards. Here are just a few in case you are all GQ-ed out:

A couple of notes:

The Pee Wee Pacific card has been a sharp corner in my side for awhile now. Many thanks to Shane for sending it along.

The same goes for the 1994 Donruss cards from Colbey. I never hear anyone say anything about '94 Donruss -- understandably. But I think it's the reason why I'm always forgetting I need Dodgers from that set.

By the way, I believe the pitcher exiting the mound so dejectedly on the Feast or Famine card is reliever Giovanni Carrera. It's an appropriate photo.

None of these other cards are from Smed. I couldn't possibly scan all of those in such a short period of time. But just you wait.

Gracious thanks to everyone who sent cards.

And to everyone else: go out and enjoy Jackie Robinson Weekend!


  1. Why doesn't Garland have a uniform number on his regular card, but he does on his mini? WHY WHY WHY WHY? Is there another version with a number? Or another version of the mini without the number?

  2. I'm so observant. Didn't even notice that. If there is another version, I know I'm not chasing it.