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Giving thanks for bloggers

This is my address book with the addresses of people who have traded cards with me through the mail.

I bought it maybe three months into my blogging career when I realized that you didn't just blog about cards but you actually blogged about cards that people sent you, too.

It's definitely an old-school way to file addresses. But then this is an old-school hobby and I'm still a guy who thinks if I put critical information on the computer without a physical backup, I'm going to lose everything. I never got around to getting the addresses on some sort of word document so the address book has all kinds of updates and cross-outs and ... well, it's a disaster, basically. You people move, a LOT.

However, I consider this book a tribute, a tribute to everyone who has ever sent me cards. And although not everyone in this book has a blog (or had a blog), it is also a tribute to blogging and trading through the blogs.

Lately I've seen people gravitate toward Trading Card Database for trades or maybe some other outlet. That's fine, I guess, if that's more your style. But I have everything I need right here. The blogs are my one stop shop -- for glorious card content that you can't get anywhere else and for the cards that I love to get in the mail.

In sincere thanks to those card bloggers and to everyone who's ever sent me cards, I am now going to list everyone in this address book. Don't panic, I won't list full names or addresses. But I think people need to know what kind of wonderful has been happening here for the last decade:

Sports Card Collectors
Billy S
Big Shep's Cards
Baseball Every Night
Johnny's Trading Spot
From a '80s Card Collector
Kary S
Tim Wallach Cards
Nomo's Sushi Platter
Mint Condition
Cardboard Icons
30-Year-Old Cardboard
Pursuit of Happiness (from England!)
bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog
Rickey Henderson Collectibles
Free Andy LaRoche
Mark's Ephemera
Wax Heaven
Pirates Treasure Room
Stewart S
Bob Walk The Plank
Can't Have Too Many Cards
Mike Pelfrey's Collectibles
Crinkly Wrappers
Nats Town
The Collective Mind
Clear Cut Cards
The Five Tool Collector
Pictures of Men
Bubba's Banging Batch of Baseball Bits
Sports Cards Ate My Brain
Ain't Nobody Got Time for Cardboard
Cardboard Greats
Wrigley Roster Jenga
Remember the Astrodome (Marc B)
Chuck B
Baseball Card Breakdown
The Collective Troll
I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning
The Nennth Inning
Plaschke Thy Sweater Is Argyle
Cardboard Clubhouse
ARPSmith's Sports Card Obsession
Rekindling the Cardboard Flame
Baseball State of Mind
Voice of the Collector
Cards on Cards
Tyler B
Thorzul Will Rule
The Easy Life
O's Card of the Day
Swing and a Pop Up
One Man's Junk (Wax)
First Day Issue
Noah B
The Middle Child
Too Many Verlanders
1974 Topps (Pennant Fever)
Silver Slugger
Plain Gray Swatch
Hot Corner Cards
Ben W
John W
1982 Donruss
Jabo's Baseball Card Blog
The Baseball Card Snob
Jeroen B (from the Netherlands!)
Chris C
Jeff W
Home of the Toddfather
Kyle B
Chris W
First n' Goal
Community Gum
Potch Wheeler and Cardboard Heroes
Long Fly Ball To Because ...
Brad W
It's Like Having My Own Card Shop
2-by-3 Heroes
The Card Raven
Cardboard Heaven
Cooperstown Exit 3:16
The Greatest 21 Days
100 Years and Counting
The Chop Keeper/Cardboard Jones
Sportscards From the Dollar Store
Capewood's Collections
Card Junkie
Topps Tribe
Cheese and Beer
Crawford Cards
Tiffany W
The Writer's Journey
Green Monster
Hand Collated
Cardboard Junkie
I Heart Halos
Dropped Third Strike
Project Phillies
Pack Addict
Junior Junkie
Tony's Sports Pub
njvw blog
Nr. Mt.
Hobbs Knights
Call of Cardboard
Trader Crack's Card blog/Ryan C
Scott Crawford on Cards
Cardboard Catastrophes
My Cardboard Mistress
Angels In Order
I'm Ballsy
Martin T
Sports Szygy/Offy's Sports Site
Robert T
Nolan T
Great Sports Name Hall of Fame
A (Rookie) Card Collector
Steve D
For Card's Sake
Shoebox Legends
Chris D
Things Are Funner Here
Royals & Randoms
Grand Cards
Fielder's Choice
Chris T
Baseball Card Recollections
Randall T
Fantastic Catch
Nolan's Dugout
Completing the '92 Topps Set/Topps Cards That Never Were
Scribbled Ink
Play at the Plate
Ballcard Mania
Eric S
Doug S
Great Orioles Autograph Project
1207 Consecutive Games
Dodgers '88
The Priceless Pursuit
Topps Traders
Thoughts and Sox
Steve E
Cardboard Crack
Cards in the Attic
The Pettitte Pursuit
MLB Collector/Average Joe
1987 Donruss blog
Matt S
Roll Out the Barrel
No One's Going to Read This Blog
Scott E
Robert S
Red Sox Fan in Nebraska
Collecting 1982 Topps
Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius
Project '76
Jason R
Nachos Grande
Vintage Cards/1973 Topps Photography (RIP, Chris)
Tiger Sportscards & Other Ramblings
Jerry S
Mike F
Topps Baseball Card Blog
Card Cluster
Smed Cards
The Chronicles of Fuji
Sewingmachine Guy on Cards
Ryan's Memorabilia
Cards From the Quarry
Dave R
Baseball Cards Come to Life!
William R
foul bunt
Brad's Blog
View From the Skybox
Dave R
White Sox Cards
Project '62
Democratic Roadkill
Johngy's Beat
The Other World
JD's Wild Cardz
Mojo Hand
No. 5 Type Collection
B.A. Benny's Baseball Card Buffet
Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out
Summer of '74
Brett P
James R
Daily Dimwit
Pictures & Bubble Gum Cards
This Cards Is Cool
The Hopeful Chase
Kyle G
Hoarding Cardboard
Fleer Sticker Project
Dime Boxes -- the Low-End Collector's Journey
This Way to the Backstop
Cardboard Connundrum
Top of the Topps
Old School Breaks
Paul's Random Stuff
garveyceyrusselllopes/cards as I see them
Let's Play Two
Stale Gum
Indians Cards & Then Some (Dave H. -- first guy who sent me cards)
All Tribe Baseball
David P
Wait Til Next Year
Punk Rock Paint
A Cardboard Problem
The Phillies Room
The Real DFG
Wax Wombat
Greg P (Beardy)
Dustin H
O No Another Orioles Blog
Cam H
RGB Cards (from Australia!)
Cardboard Collections
Wolverine Musings
Tomahawk Chopping
SoPawKersh (Bri)
Waiting Til Next Year
Highly Subjective and Arbitrary
The Lost Collector
Nick M
My Best Friend Collects Chipper Jones
Dawg Day Cards
Chewing Licorque
Card Anethma
Chris H
Canadian Cardboard
Chipp n' Dale
Matt H
My 2008 Topps Blog
Martyn Heap (from the U.K.!)
TorrenUp Cards
Jonathan H
Mark Hoyle
David H
Card Buzz
My Past Time ... I Love It!
A Cracked Bat
My Cardboard Habit
Bleedin' Brown & Gold
Red Cardboard
Chavez Ravining
Chris J
Jeff K (Split Season author)
Jonathan I
SouthIndy Cards
Base Set Calling
Casey J
Wish They Still Came With Bubble Gum
Lifetime Topps
Jaybarkerfan's Junk (Wes)
Adventures of Napkin Doon
The Underdog Collector
Once a Cub
Brian M
Brendan M
Caitlin J
Not Another Baseball Card Blog
I Feel Like a Collector Again
Lake Effect Cards/Nearly Mint
Al K
The Card Papoy (from France!)
Infield Fly Rule
Cardboard History
The Budget Sports Card Collector
mr haverkamp
The Diabetic Card Geek
All Trade Bait All the Time
The Diamond King
St. Louis Cardinals Cards
Saints of the Cheap Seats
1988 Topps
1988 Score
Achiever Card Blog
Off the Wall
Mike K
All Your Base Cards Belong to Us
Section 36
Wrigley Wax
Baseball Obsessionist
All the Way to the Backstop
David K
Ryan's Pitch
Tracy L
Stephan L
Off Hiatus
Bad Wax
Dinged Corners
Crackin' Wax
Cobb & Halladay
Condition: Poor
e rayhan, rayhahn
Hey, That's Mine!
2008 A&G Cardscape
I Don't Know Third Base
Emerald City Gems
Manupatches and Chrome Scratches
My Sports Obsession
Autographed Cards
Texas Rangers Cards
Stats on the Back
Starting Nine
Joe M
Drew's Cards
Behind These Hazel Eyes
House of Cardboard
The Sandlot
Justin's World
Maddux, Glavine & Smoltz
Big Sexy Cards
$30 a Week Habit
I Am Joe Collector

See? My address book doesn't forget.

If you didn't see reference to you in there, it's possible I missed a page (turkey fumes are getting to me) or maybe you NEED TO CONTACT ME AND SET UP A TRADE!

I am thankful for everyone listed above. They have made my collection what it is, and some of them have given me some damn good blog posts, too.

I am thankful for collectors and I am thankful for bloggers. But I am especially thankful for collecting bloggers and blogging collectors.

Happy Thanksgiving.


That's awesome and quiet an impressive list of people. Ols school address books are awesome. Happy Thanksgiving.
Uncle Doc said…
My pleasure to trade with you. Happy Thanksgiving.
Brad Hill said…
Happy Thanksgiving
Brett Alan said…
It's an honor just to be on the list, although I know I haven't done much here. A wonderful holiday to NO and his families--his "real world" family and the family we have here!
Robert said…
To the man that was the inspiration for my blog over 8 years ago, happy thanksgiving to you and your family, which through your writing I feel like I know...
Mike Matson said…
I've got an address book much the same.. I actually need to remember to put addresses in as I get from people..
Zippy Zappy said…
Big thanks to you for all you do, N.O.C.
Nachos Grande said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I keep all my addresses in an Excel spreadsheet but I'm kind of jealous of your "old school" method! Lots of great bloggers in that list, that's for sure.
Commishbob said…
That address book is old school all right, but you are much more organized than I am. I cut return addresses from envelopes and keep them in a band aid tin.
Bo said…
Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all the great trades!
Billy Kingsley said…
I will be on that list by this time in 2020!
Glad to be on the list! First on the list too! Thanks for the trades over the past couple of years and I am hoping to get it started again next year. I always have plenty plenty plenty of Dodgers collecting dust.

I think I am also one of the very few bloggers not on TCDB and I think it was a sign it was not meant to be when I signed up for fun a few days ago only not to have the confirmation email sent to me. Guess I am not going to bother
Fuji said…
That's quite the list. There are a bunch of names that I haven't seen blog posts or comments in years... but they're fresh in my mind. I hope you and your family had an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving!
Chris said…
I applaud your record-keeping. I know I've sent you cards (and a CD) but we've never traded because I assume you have every Dodgers item I could reasonably expect to find.
Josh D. said…
I'm famous now. 😀 Happy Thanksgiving.
Adam said…
Appreciate the Cardboard Clubhouse mention! Here's to more trades between us in the future!
The irony doesn't even come close. This past Friday I drove to my house in Florida, to attempt the beginning of the "clean up" of my bedroom which is wall to wall stacks/boxes of cards. I started with one night stand, and the corner as you walk into the room. There was a "NOW" UN-Frankenset collaboration of the 20+ 800 count boxes of cards for the defunct Jersey Number Frankenset. Somehow, 1 of those boxes was nothing but Rangers cards.

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