Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You've seen one team wearing blue, you've seen them all

I watched the MLB Network's countdown of the top 50 prospects in baseball last night. I don't normally care much about prospects, but there is so much talk about them that I figured I should at least know the name when I hear it.

Basically, what I gathered from the show is that there are tumbleweeds blowing through the Dodgers' farm system (something I already knew), and the Braves and Rays are ridiculously stocked with baseball studs. But it all doesn't matter, because there were SIX Royals in the top 50 and Kansas City is going to chew up all the major league teams, turn them into fuel for domination, and win the next 46 World Series. One day people will actually hate the Royals, which I don't think has ever happened in history.

I'll be thrilled if K.C. becomes a perennial winner. It's always been one of my favorite teams. It's the reason that I don't really mind when collectors send me Royals cards, thinking that they're Dodgers cards. I figure that the collector, in a fit of tracking down cards in the 10 minutes a day he or she has to do such things, sees the royal blue color with white lettering and shrugs, "must be a Dodger."

I can see it happening.

Take one card I received from Pictures of Men. Dennis was not only generous with the Dodgers, but he gave me an idea for not one, not two, but THREE posts. And only one of them is a trade post, which you'll see later. Now that is a quality exchange.

OK, here is the card. I'm showing you the back of it first:

It's a Bowman Chrome draft card of Salvador Perez, who is a catcher in the Royals' minor league organization. He's supposed to be fairly good, but isn't one of the six in last night's Top 50 Prospects show.

I learned all about Perez just the other day, because I had never heard of him prior to receiving this card in the package. But even before my research, I could see it all spelled out on the back. Signed by the Royals in 2006. The Royals logo in the corner.

Now, why would Pictures of Men send me a Royals card when I'm a Dodger fan and all the other cards that he sent were Dodgers? Well, weren't you reading? I already said people get busy and the teams' uniforms look alike.

I mean look at the front of the card. Doesn't it look like a Dodger uniform?

See? All that blue and white. It does look like the Dodgers. Who wouldn't be confused? Don't worry about it, Dennis, it happens all the time. In fact, I think that I just received a Royals card the other ...


You want to see the whole card?

All right.

Hmmm. That's funny. Is that a Dodger logo on a Royals card?


Dennis is free and clear. It seems the card manufacturers are just as frantic putting out product as us collectors can be in sending cards to each other.

I've had possibly a dozen collectors send Royals cards thinking they were Dodgers cards. But this is the first time I've had a card company give me a Royals card thinking it was a Dodger card.

Perhaps, if they weren't issuing so many versions of Bowman product, these things wouldn't happen.

Oh, one other thing ...

Do I put this card in my Dodger collection?


  1. Totally in the Dodger collection.

  2. Nice catch. I'm pretty sure I have that card and I never would have know any better.

    As for the Royals, it is looking promising as a fan. But, it is still going to be a long 2011 with at least 90 losses.

    Here's to 2012 and the next 46 years!!

  3. The Royals have Francoeur they have that going for them! Seriously, I would like to see KC challenge some of the other AL teams out there.