Sunday, January 30, 2011

My almost final Million Card Giveaway site post

I will be requesting my final shipment of Million Card Giveaway cards from the Million Card Giveaway slot machine this week.

This will be the third time I've ordered up some cards. It may be cheaper to order all of the cards at once, but I need to pay my shipping costs in installments.That's how poor I am.

In fact, I have just come to the conclusion that I probably won't request all 13 of the cards I have left in the portfolio -- even though I arranged it so all 13 cards were ones that I lacked in my collection.

You read right, I am banishing cards that I NEED to MCG limbo. Or maybe they're going to repack hell. At any rate, I don't anticipate those cards haunting my sleep. Much.

So here are the cards that I have and whether or not they will be coming home to daddy.

You may plead for clemency for your respective card of choice in the comments. If I'm in a good mood -- which is rare these days -- I may alter my decision based on the sincerity of the pleas.

Card: 1962 Pete Richert
Yay or Nay: Yay, without a doubt.
Why: He helped the Dodgers land Claude Osteen. And he played for L.A. not once, but twice. I like that.

Card: 1979 Steve Renko
Yay or Nay: Yay
Why: I have a soft spot for the 1979 A's cards because they're a cardboard reflection of just how horribly gutted the '78 A's were. They went from Sal Bando and Joe Rudi to Taylor Duncan and Mario Guerrero. They were probably the blueprint for future Marlins fire sales.

Card: 1979 Barry Foote
Yay or Nay: Yay, Yay, Yay!
Why: Look at it and I dare you not to smile.

Card: 1982 Bob Clark
Yay or Nay: Nay
Why: As much as I enjoy the sky-written signature, I'm just not fully committed to '82 Topps.

Card: 1982 Tom Griffin
Yay or Nay: Nay
Why: It's card No. 777, which is cool. This was the year Topps went from 726 cards to 792, so it's the first 777 card. But other than that, it's a Giant.

Card: 1977 George Scott
Yay or Nay: Yay!
Why: It is the best helmet-necklace combination ever to appear on cardboard.

Card: 1979 Tim Johnson
Yay or Nay: Nay
Why: Dude lied about being in the Vietnam War. He was actually in spring training camp with the Dodgers.

Card: 1972 Glenn Beckert In Action
Yay or Nay: Yay.
Why: Beckert appears to be in the midst of the most violent practice swing in history. Will he rupture a clavicle? Plus '72 Topps is too sweet to ignore.

Card:1972 Ed Kirkpatrick
Yay or Nay: Yay
Why: Cloud over his right shoulder, weather vane over his left, Kirkpatrick shoots the stink eye to an imaginary pitcher.

Card: 1969 Russ Gibson
Yay or Nay: Yay
Why: Just so I can laugh at all the people that made pathetic trade offers for this card. I think I may have received close to 200 trade offers for Gibby. About two of them were legitimate. And that is estimating conservatively.

Card: 1982 George Cappuzzello
Yay or Nay: Nay
Why: I'm interested in getting my second-ever Cappuzzello card, but the shipping nazis won't let me.

Card: 1982 John Tudor
Yay or Nay: Yay
Why: Tudor! Hey, Tood! Are you in there? Tudor!

Card: 1979 Bill Robinson
Yay or Nay: Yay
Why: Just once, I'd like to dress up like the Pittsburgh Pirates did in the late '70s.

OK, by my count, that means I will be ordering up nine cards. That's more than I thought I would.

But first I'll have to calculate the shipping charges. I'll try not to get all indignant about it.


  1. Hey NO,

    I will send you the 79 Roby, and 82 Tudor as well as a Nebulous 9 (#
    # 8. 2010 Topps Tales of Game Boggs-Chicken). I also been holding a small stack of Dodger oddballs from the 80's for you as well. Shoot me an email.

  2. Doesn't it cost like 2 to 3 dollars per card for shipping?

  3. It's 3 bucks for first card, 50 cents after that.

    Not great, but I can't get too fired up over it. I've played the damn MCG game all year, I'm getting some of my cards.

  4. do you want/need the 1976T Burt Hooton? I unlocked that the other night and it's yours if you want it and if I can figure out how to set up a trade just with your account at the MCG site.