Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Team colors: Brewers

We have arrived upon the Milwaukee portion of our team colors tour. This is not a veiled tribute to the NFL semifinalist Packers. I have no rooting interest in the remaining football teams, although I'd sure like to never see Rex Ryan's teeth again.

But there is no disputing the dominance of the Packers' team colors. Mustard and spinach is hard to ignore. It is a definite fashion statement up there on the frozen tundra.

But their baseball compatriots? I've always been a bit confused about their color scheme. Is it blue? Is it purple? Is it navy? And what about that other color? Is it yellow? Is it gold? Sometimes there's even some green thrown in there.

If I think about it long enough, I think the Brewers' team colors are navy blue and a yellowish gold. It's a disappointing color scheme in my eyes. I always regarded that color combination as the default setting for high school teams. Every third high school team seems to be nicknamed the "Bulldogs" and wear blue and gold.

(I know there are some Michigan fans right now getting their pom-pons in a bunch, screaming about "maize" and what-not. But I don't care. I don't pay attention to college sports).

Anyway, going through past cards, I can see Topps is confused by the Brewers, too. It hasn't wholeheartedly committed to a certain color for the Brewers. Sometimes the colors used are blue and sometimes they're purple. Sometimes it's yellow, sometimes it's gold.

So let's look at the rundown for the years when Topps chose colors based on the team it featured:

1971: orange and yellow
1972: blue, orange and green
1974: blue and yellow
1976: pink and purple
1977: purple, pink and yellow
1978: purple and red
1979: purple and pink
1980: purple, yellow and red
1981: red, yellow and blue
1982: blue and gold
1983: blue and green
1984: blue and red
1985: purple and yellow
1986: yellow
1987: yellow
1988: purple, orange and yellow
1989: gold and purple
1991: blue and yellow
1992: blue and yellow
1993: blue and gold
1994: blue and gold
1998: blue
2000: gold
2002: gold and blue
2003: gold
2004: purple and gold
2005: purple and gold
2006: gold and blue
2007: purple and gold
2008: blue and gold
2009: blue
2010: gold

According to the official team website, the Brewers colors, as of 2011, are: navy blue and metallic gold.

And according to Topps, the colors are: blue and gold

I think that's a match! (I still can't believe Nomo was a Brewer).

But the results were awfully tight.

(The tally: Blue-15, Gold-13, Purple-11, Yellow-11, Red-4, Orange-3, Pink-3, Green-2)


  1. I do believe it's baby blue for most of those terrible terrible years. And there ain't nuttin wrong with mustard and spinach, yum.

  2. Other than Nomo as a Dodger cards (naturally), Nomo as a Brewer are my next favorite. Looks boss.