Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sick scoreboard card wars

Let's do a little sick scoreboard faceoff, as that's all I have time for today:

Sick scoreboard card #8: 2005 Topps Chrome Randy Winn


Sick scoreboard #9: 1982 Fleer Rick Manning


Chromey Winn
1. It's shiny
2. It's run-with-your-hair-on-fire action
3. It's horizontal
4. Randy's name is Winn and the Mariners appear to be winning. Get it? (At least I think that number is an "8" next to Seattle).

Fleerish Manning
1. It's an '82 Fleer. Take pity on wonderful '82 Fleer
2. It's Rick Manning. I stood on a field 10 feet from Manning once
3. It's the Fenway Park scoreboard!
4. Manning is an outfielder positioned in the infield!
5. It's a lot clearer than the chromey card. Imagine that. An '82 Fleer card that is more in focus than another card!


Chromey Winn
1. I can see fingerprint smears. Ugh
2. Mariners vs. Tigers? Zzzzz
3. That red scoreboard dot is disconcerting. It reminds me of those laser pointers they were aiming at players a few years ago.
4. Baltimore-Cleveland is postponed! So sad.

Fleerish Manning
1. The usual, lame "practice action" supplied by early '80s sets
2. Manning had a well-publicized affair with Dennis Eckersley's wife. Manning was traded away as a result. Although this could be a "plus" because it could have inspired Eckersley to get himself clean and sober.
3. No scores on the scoreboard. So sad.


Chromey Winn:

Fleerish Manning:

Manning beats Winn, three disembodied hand-claps to two disembodied hand-claps!!!!

As much as I like chrome, old-school Fleer wins every time.

(P.S.: Couldn't even tell you how I came up with the final scoring verdict. I just know what I like).


  1. That looks like an out of town scoreboard behind Winn. Weird that Seattle would show up on an out of towner at a park in which they were playing. Edited background perhaps?

  2. Yeah Tribe !! Finally got a new computer and hope to start posting again soon.

  3. I always thought '82 Fleer had the clap.