Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nobody's getting any extra cards

You folks with excellent long-term memory function may recall that I was looking for names for the early Score sets -- 1988, 1989 and 1990.

I didn't get a ton of input, which is understandable as they aren't the easiest sets to name. Even my offer of a few cards for your naming trouble drew only four responses.

That's OK. I've got my names, and I didn't even need much help.

I'm calling the 1988 Score set the "rainbow set." I was liking the suggestion to call it the "candy" or "LifeSaver" set because of the various colors. But there are purple cards in the set and there is no purple LifeSavers in the original 5-flavor roll. I know that's being picky, but you don't understand my brain. It would scream "THERE IS NO PURPLE LIFESAVER, FOOL" over and over until I'd have to rip up every '88 Score card I own, which actually might not be a bad idea.

But the colors that are featured in Score: purple, blue, green, red, yellow and a goldish-orangey thing are all contained in the rainbow. I know the gold-orange thing is a stretch, but everyone is always screwing up the orange color, so I'll let it slide. My brain says it's OK, too.

"Rainbow set" it is.

This causes a bit of a problem because I've already named the '89 Donruss set the "rainbow set," because of the rainbow pattern that travels across the top of each card. But I'll rectify that by calling '89 Donruss the "rainbow border" set. My brain can handle that as well.

The 1989 set is easy. Despite suggestions to the contrary, it is definitely the "baseball diamond set." That's what I thought at the start. No swaying me.

The 1990 set was giving me problems. None of the suggestions were working. But then in a fortuitous moment, I happened to be sorting some 1990 Score cards (don't ask). I was sorting them by team. And the easiest way to sort them quickly was to stare vigilantly at the logo in bottom corner as I shuffled through the cards.

Dayf's suggestion of the "logo coin" set rang in my ear. It seemed quite appropriate. So that's what I'm calling it, the "logo coin set."

So, I did receive some help on the 1990 set, but I'm still not sending anybody any cards for it.

Before you say I'm unfair and go running to mommy, here's the deal:

First, I just sent dayf some cards. There's one or two he might particularly like, so I don't feel the need to send even more just now. He'll have to be happy with purple Hanson from the stinkin' Dodger fan. Besides, I need to accumulate some Braves for the Captain. Those naked girls aren't going to post themselves you know.

As for the other folks so nice to make suggestions:

I've sent smedcards some cards recently, and I also have a monster box for him sitting here waiting. I'm just trying to work up the courage to have it weighed at the post office.

Meanwhile, GCA and I are in the process of swapping some cards, too. So that's all set.

As for Mr. Vintagey, Chris Stufflestreet, I've already been thinking about sending some cards off to him. I don't know what it can be since I have very few of anything issued before 1970, but I'll figure out. Anyone who grew up in the north country should be rewarded once in awhile. I mean we don't even have an Olive Garden here.

I'll be adding the new Define the Design names to the list. Thanks to those four for playing.

Oh, there's one more thing:

IT'S BO-CHRO, BOYS & GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone's giving away a WHOLE BOX OF IT.

Don't be a dufus. Check it out.


  1. My favorite set nicknames have always been the ones that most quickly describe the set in question (for exampe sillouette and hockey stick for topps).

    Based on that criteria I live the second two nicknames (baseball diamond and coin logo) but disagree with the first...I saw in the original thread that someone recommended 3 star, and that would definately get my vote, as when someone says "the score three star set" I instantly know what they are talking about

    Anyway, I know its a little bit late for my two cents but there they are anyway.

    I absolutely love the idea of trying to nickame every set, btw

  2. I care not for material things, but rather that my ideas take root in the national consciousness.


  3. The thing that stuck out most from that post is that when you send the Captain cards he posts more naked girls. It made me think, I need that guys address...

  4. since dayf has gone hippy and decided to eschew material things, that purple Hanson can now head north.

  5. I'm glad you got the names settled because I've been wracking my brain since LAST YEAR trying to come up with something. My problem is that if it doesn't jump out at me, I can't think of anything. Original, but true.