Monday, January 10, 2011

Awesomest night card, round 2, part 2

Who says you need to see a face in a photo for it to be a good shot?

There was a lot of support of the '86 Topps Bo Diaz card in the last grouping of awesome night cards. But the Kirk Gibson '88 Series card won fairly easily. For some reason, as good as the Diaz card is, it just can't run with the best night cards.

Here is the voting:

1. 1989 Upper Deck '88 World Series Kirk Gibson: 27 votes
2. 1986 Topps Bo Diaz: 19 votes
3. 1990 Score Warren Moon: 3 votes
4. 1989 Upper Deck '88 World Series Orel Hershiser: 2 votes

Gibson heads to the quarterfinals with his fist in the air.

And that means we have arrived at the toughest voting group of the entire Awesomest Night Card Tournament.

The four cards facing off this time are all terrific. I'm telling you now you're going to have a tough time choosing the best one. And it's going to be heartbreaking waving some of them goodbye.

But that's the price these night cards need to pay to occupy the first slot in my night card binder. They're battling for best position in all of night cardom. The privilege! The prestige! The free food! The groupies!

OK, brace yourself for a knock-down brawl of a vote-off. Here are the next four:

1. 1972 Topps Stan Williams: It's probably my favorite night card. It's also likely the first of what we know the night card to be -- The Father of the Modern Night Card. I'd sure like to see this card occupy that first slot in the binder.

2. 1994 Topps Hank Aaron: A great-looking card. And it features the Hammer. How do you not vote for this card? How do you not vote for the last one? I told you it'd be difficult.

3. 1977 Topps '76 ALCS: A photo of one of the most dramatic moments in postseason history. OK, this vote-off is just downright unfair.

4. 1982 Fleer '81 All-Star Game: And now it's plain dirty and rotten. This is likely my second-favorite night card. So I'm basically begging you to vote for card No. 1 and No. 4, which is impossible because you can only vote for one.

Honestly, this might be the toughest thing you do all week.

But I'd sure appreciate it if you would vote in the poll on the sidebar.

Maybe we'll have a four-way winner.


  1. As cool as the Aaron card is, as cool as the Williams "father of the night card" card is, as cool as the '81 All-Star game is... the Chris Chambliss one is just the best photo of them all. It's a pure action shot that represents a historic moment when the Yankees dynasty crawled back from the dead to become great again.

  2. The 81 All Star game is the best looking of these night cards. Hank will get a close 2nd because his name. (Kind of like how every Topps Mantle card somehow was one of the 60 best Topps cards)

  3. BTW - I haec never seen anything wrong with not having a face shot on a a baseball card. When I go to a ballgame I dont thake face shots. I usually try to get the player in the act of throwing or something so that I get some face in the shot but I also get his name or jersy number. I figure in 10 years I may not remember what every player looked like but I can figure out who they are if I can see their name/number.

  4. Nice to keeping seeing some of the night cards I sent you. I remeber that Ozzie Smith one from about a week ago. As much as I loved the AS game card as a kid, I gotta go with history and 1977 Topps '76 ALCS.

  5. Yeah you're right ... a very tough vote. These might be the top four cards in the contest all knocking each other off. Too bad you don't have a loser's bracket (or "wrestle-backs" as it's called here in the Midwest). I suppose that's what you did with the Bo Diaz card last week.
    I would've liked to see #4 as a horizontal.
    I went with the Hammer.

  6. Phillip Morris commands me to vote for the 82 fleer all star game card so I will

  7. This really is a tough one. I'm going to go with the 77 Chambliss.

  8. The problem with brackets or advancing rounds is you eventually run into multiple cards that deserve to win. This is one such time. Tough voting...

  9. Hey Night Owl, I've got a little fact-oid for you.

    The employee in charge of numbering the Upper Deck Sets choose Gibson to be #666 in the 89' set because he hated the Dodgers and discretely gave him that number because it's the symbolic number of the devil. He was a Mariners fan and did not like LA. For a few years after that set he gave a dodger the card number 666 in the set.

    I personally don't mind the Dodgers, but I read this, and thought it was funny, and thought you'd think it was interesting.