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Attention Dodgers fans: free cards!

I have a lot of Dodgers cards.

Many of them I don't need. They're extras. They just sit there and sit there, waiting and waiting. I suppose I could do a frankenset with the dupes or some other such thing, but that would mean finding another binder and devoting time to duplicates. That doesn't sound like fun.

I have so many of these extras that I'd love to distribute them. Sometimes I offer up an invitation to Dodger collectors reading the blog that I'll be glad to send out some Dodger cards to them. I just did that in yesterday's post, in fact, about my OPC Dodger doubles.

No Dodger collector responded.

That happens a lot. I don't really know why. I know that the number of Dodger collectors on the blogs has decreased over the years. Some have stopped blogging. Some are still blogging but have stopped reading -- or at least commenting. The other Dodger collectors, well, I don't know what your excuse is. Explain yourselves!

I know who the usual Dodger blogger card collectors suspects are. And when I get out from under all the other people sending me packages, I try to ship some cards to those Dodger fans. But there are so many more extras that I have.

It's a great hoot when a Dodger fan like Alex of Chavez Ravining sends me some cards and I know that I can send some to him in response. I just sent out a package to him this afternoon. I loved putting it together. It's so much more fun to put together a card package for a fellow Dodger collector than any other kind of collector.

And I can do the same for you, if you like the Dodgers. Just make a comment that you want some of my Dodger cards and then email me your address ( I'll get some cards out to you in my own sweet time. But I promise there will be minimal junk wax if any at all. I will mix it up as best I can. But I'm gearing this toward team collectors. If you tell me, "I collect Bellinger and Buehler and that's it," well, there won't be much I can do.

So, enough with the gentle hinting. It's right there in the blog title. You collect Dodger cards? I got Dodger cards.

All right, now let's see those Dodger cards from Alex:

I am starting with these three cards as each came off my Nebulous 9 list. They're three of the final four 1992 Bowman cards that I need to complete the team set. This is quite possibly the most annoying junk wax era set in terms of completing it.

Those of you who assume the last card I need to finish this set is Mike Piazza are not familiar with the baseball card gods' warped sense of humor. The last card I need is of Greg Hansell. No, I don't know who Greg Hansell is. Nobody does, except the baseball card gods.

Alex sent a fourth card from my Nebulous 9 list, this 2018 Fire card of Kershaw that somehow eluded me.

Many of the cards Alex sent were straight from Parallel Madness, but that's the best way to find a card I need. Imagine if I eliminated parallels from my collecting wants. I would be done trading with people by now!

Finally, a few cards from sets I refuse to buy. Thank goodness, some people do buy Bowman and Triple Threads, so the scraps come to me. And I can't imagine the disappointment on a Triple Threads collector's face when he or she pulls a Juan Pierre card.

All right, that's it. Dodger card collectors, you know what to do!

(This was my first post in the new Blogger interface. It was challenging).


Yep, not a Dodger collector. Not a collector of any team really. I like lots of Dodgers though. You know, Bellinger and Buehler, LOL. And Lasorda, Garvey, Piazza, Fernando, Cey, Sandy, Kershaw, Drysdale, Roseboro, Snider, Hershiser and on and on.

Not asking you to send those guys, just thinking about a few of the cool Dodgers I have in the collection. I'm sure you will find folks willing to take yours off your hands!!
Oh, and speaking of Lasorda, years ago I gave away a Lasorda rookie to a Dodger loving friend of mine. I've given away a lot of cards over the years, but that is the the one card that I regret gifting to someone.
simpson said…
not a blogger, but a long-time reader and dodger fan. would gladly take any dodger dupes you'd be willing to spare.

-brian in nyc
Mike Matson said…
If you have any Russell Martin or Eric Gagne duplicates hanging around collecting dust, I can give those a nice home.
GCoolE said…
I have been an avid Dodger card collector and fan, all of my life. I would enjoy any cards you would be willing to share, but do really enjoy any older, vintage age to pre-90(especially mid 70’s to mid 80s). Always fun to see odd ball cards, minor league, game day or local giveaways, and inserts. I would be glad to return some that you are interested in, as well, if I have them. Thanks so much for offering them! - Gman
The Turrdog said…
Hansell, so hot right now...Hansell

Obviously a tough card to find.
Elliptical Man said…
I collect cards of Jackie Robinson from his playing days. Feel free to keep me in mind. :)

That Kershaw is sweet.

Adam said…
You know me, I collect just about anything baseball card wise ... If there are any Dodgers who also played for the Reds, I'll bite on them. Or if you want to throw any random Dodgers cards my way, I'm fine with that too. They'll have a good home with me.
kcjays said…
Nope, not a Dodgers collector, but thanks for the offer. However, if you ever want to get rid of any Royals cards.....
It is nice to match cards up with a “loving home”. I recently sent some duplicate Mets cards to a guy and he gushed about how nice they were and how excited he was to have them in his collection. Made me realize that I should do that more often.
As always, thanks for your blog.
Long time reader, first time commenter here. I’d love some Dodger cards! Thanks!
bbcardz said…
I recently wandered into your last giveaway (May 27/29 Bert Campaneris vote) and won a nice Maury Wills auto and a nice stack of extra Dodgers cards. Thanks so much for those (and I'll show them off soon in my blog). I'm so happy with what you sent and I don't want to be a cardhog. But if you still end up with a surplus of cards that need a good home then I'll take some.

btw, I do have a (so far rather small) stack of cards for you (including a '75 buyback #433 and a Topps Heritage black border parallel of a former Dodger).
Fuji said…
I'm in the same situation as you... only with Oakland A's cards. Problem is... there are way less A's collectors out there. I've been going back and forth with creating a A's Frankenset. The one thing holding me back would be the huge sorting project that would wreak havok on my back. So it's on the back burner for now.
gcrl said…
looks like you've found more people to send dodger cards to! i think you know where to find my want lists as i do yours.
Alex Markle said…
I sure as hell don't know who Greg Hansell is. Too bad I wasn't able to knock off that last card from the set. Looking forward to the package from you--always nice to receive cards from fellow Dodger collectors!
Nick Vossbrink said…
I know you're looking for team collectors but it's weird that there aren't even that many Stanford guys for me to mention. Bert Delmas, Chuck Essegian, Doug Camilli, Al Osuna Jr, and Chris Reed all don't have many Dodgers cards (and I have most/all of them anyway). So it's really just Shawn Greene who I just added to my project who I'm reluctantly chasing now.

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