Sunday, January 10, 2016

Before you kick 2015 to the curb

One of the most annoying sentiments at the end of one year and the start of another is: "I'm glad that's over, what a terrible year."

I hear and read this all the time. You'd think 2015 was the worst year imaginable. And before that, 2014. And before that, 2013. All of them, awful, awful years -- according to some people.

But it's all perspective. Sure, 2015 was the worst year possible for some unfortunate people. And for others, it wasn't a highlight year. But for others, babies were born, people were married, championships were won, achievements were reached in 2015. For them, 2015 was pretty terrific.

All of those people who wrote on Facebook "good riddance, 2015," I've got news for you: I'm not ready to let 2015 go.

Because I liked 2015 cards so much and because I'm so slow in my collecting habits, I'm still on 2015 Card Standard Time. Other collectors are gearing up for the 2016 cards and I really haven't given 2016 Topps much of a thought yet. I'll get to it -- long after others have stopped drooling -- but right now, it's still 2015 around here.

Recently -- well, before Christmas, which means still in 2015 -- I received a bunch of 2015 Topps Update set help from Kerry at Cards On Cards. Here are a bunch of the cards that I pretty much just threw on the scanner:

I'm sorry for making you view lots of terrible All-Star caps all at once like that.

But at least the cards are colorful, and that's why I'm collecting it. This stack of cards got my Update wants down to under 60, which is fantastic for someone who traditionally doesn't buy a lot of Update.

There was one other Update card in the package.

It's one of the All-Star All-Access retail cards and highlights Clayton Kershaw's daughter.

This is a fun, heartwarming photo there that should make mommies think about collecting cards. Kind of interesting to me that bat boys are being blocked out of photos but infants of famous major league players are fair game.

I've got some more 2015 cards that arrived in 2015 to show. But, first, I'll let you get back to your very up-to-date, very now 2016 lives.

But 2016 has a lot of work to do if it's going to match 2015 card-wise.

There was nothing terrible about that part of the year.


  1. I guess I may be in the minority, but the years are passing by to fast as it is. I'm not wishing time would go by faster.

  2. I'm with you on that comment. slow down time...

    Glad 2015 cards are nice since I got the mini set, at least I can enjoy it. I have no desire to get any other modern complete set or 2016. But I would get update series since mini set didn't have those (but should've). Hoping to find them cheap in dime boxes.

  3. The 2015 Topps flagship design was the best in years. Can't wait to find heavily discounted boxes in a few years, so I can finish my set.