Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My storybook binder, part 2

When we last left the Storybook Binder, the plethora of Dodger cards from the '90s and '00s had transformed into very recent Dodger wants and set needs.

I have the other half of the binder, which @grogg sent, to show here, but there is one thing I forgot to display in the first post.

This is the side of the binder. Greg inserted a 1975 Topps Garry Maddox card into the opening. This is the sign of a faithful reader and a thoughtful gift-giver. Not only is the '75 Topps set my favorite, but if you've read the 1975 Topps (it's far out, man) blog, you know how much that particular Maddox card means to me, and meant to me as a child.

Very cool.

OK, let's turn the page to the next story in the binder.

I left off with a page of 2015 Topps Series 2 wants and here is the other full page of wants from that set. By the way, I've accumulated quite a stack of dupes from 2015 Topps. If you need any, let me know.

The 2015 wants morph into 2014 Allen and Ginter wants. I am very disturbed by that Matt Williams Purple Diamondbacks card. I'd rather see him as a Giant. ... Well, truthfully I'd rather not see him, ever. But we collectors make our sacrifices.

A very blurry photo of more 2014 A&G. I should have retaken this. Ted Williams deserves better.

Still on 2014 A&G. This binder really gave me the confidence to know I will definitely complete this set, which would make seven straight completed A&G sets. I am expecting 2015 A&G to be my last attempt at completing it.

I didn't realize there was so much of this in the binder.

Final A&G chapter. Please note the barbed wire card.

And now, we've reached the vintage chapter -- the climax of the Storybook Binder.

You'll notice some more modern cards peaking through, but that's only because the vintage page isn't complete. I pulled the vintage cards so you can have a better look.

I alluded to this card in an earlier post. I had acquired this card shortly before this version arrived in the mail. But there is nothing wrong with having two of these.

The 1961 Topps checklist with the requisite nerdy-looking equipment manager bookmarks.

I tell ya, this 1960 Topps Gil Hodges card has sparked my enthusiasm for finishing off this team set next. You should see my cart on ebay.

Big Don Newcombe. It's hard to find this card in terrific shape. This one is pretty good.

Love this card. I don't think the '51 Topps set gets enough respect. It's kind of discriminated against because it doesn't look and behave like all the other Topps sets -- which, of course, makes me want to collect it.

And the card I showed at the end yesterday to keep you coming back. This is an excellent conditioned 1934 Goudey of Jersey Joe Stripp, who started in the infield for the Dodgers from 1932-37. Great-looking card.

I knew this card was coming. Greg showed it before he sent it. I showed an image of the card during the last Define the Design segment and casually mentioned that I didn't own it.

This, my friends, is the best part of people reading your blog.

OK, the vintage show is over. Let's see the rest of the story.

Here are some want list needs from about 10 years ago. The bottom four cards are from the Walmart series in 2006. You'll see more of those in a minute.

Some of you who haven't been reading NOC long might wonder why in the world there is a Barry Bonds card on my want list.

It's because the card you see here ...

Allows me to do this ...

The 707 card was the last card I needed to complete the full run of the Barry Bonds Home Run History insert set for 2006 flagship.

Why in the world would I want to do that?

Yes, I know. If I stand outside of myself for a minute, I have no idea what possessed me.

But you can't pick when you come back to the hobby ...  OK, you can pick when you come back to the hobby, but my return to modern cards was not well though out. I came back in 2006 and decided I wanted to complete everything 2006 Topps. It's like people who began collecting during the junk wax period. Most of the cards from that time period are awful, but those collectors love 'em.

That's why I'm happy this Bonds set is complete.

And, no, I'm not completing any of the other Bonds HR history sets.

Wow. More blurry pictures. I let the excitement overtake me.

The top row are more Walmart series cards from 2006. That's a set that seems to go on and on. the middle row are needs from 2009 Topps Chrome, a long forgotten set completion task for me. The bottom row is a Casey Blake goldie and two cards from the terrific 2001 American Pie series.

More American Pie, plus early 2000s Dodger wants. Karros, Green, Sheffield. Also, Jason Giambi. Yeah, I have no idea why either.

Progressing through the previous decade with Super Teams and mega head shots.

Almost all of these cards are from the First Edition parallel set from 2004 Topps. Yeah, I don't know why I put this stuff on my want list either.

We've reached the last page! Some more mid '00 Dodger needs. Can't wait to check these all off and file them.

I'm glad you joined me for Storybook Binder.

There was something else after this final page, though.

 A full stack of empty binder pages!

Because once I take all of these cards out and file them in their proper spots, I will have an empty binder full of pages to do with what I please.

In other words, I'll get to start a new story.


  1. "I'd rather see him as a Giant."

    You are a secret Giants fan. Admit it.

  2. "It's like people who began collecting during the junk wax period. Most of the cards from that time period are awful, but those collectors love 'em."

    True indeed!The good thing about loving the junk wax era Is that you won't go broke trying to recoup all that 80's goodness ;)

  3. Thanks for the story. looks like you have a little work to do now.

  4. One helluva story. Awesome vintage cards.

  5. If you must part from that Matt Willams wearing the beautiful purple and teal, I can take it off your hands ;)

  6. Great Preacher card. The 51 is one of my favorites of him.

  7. Jersey Joe Stripp!!!! Oh boy, now I want to go back and re-read The Boys of Summer. He looks a lot like Gil Hodges on that card.