Friday, January 15, 2016

Awesome night card, pt. 251: can't beat the real thing

Although I've owned this card only a little while, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite night cards.

It possesses many of the elements I love in a card. Famed, dominant pitcher. Vintage photo from the '70s. Nightfall. Plus, there is the clincher, product placement. Many profess to love the corporate-sponsored oddball, but there is one who loves the food-issue cards above all, and you're reading his words.

This card is from the 26-card 1992 Donruss Nolan Ryan Career Series set, which you could find in Coke products.

Think about this for a moment. You pick up a 24-pack of Coke cans and tucked within is a baseball card. I get tingly just envisioning it.

This is just the second card from this set that I own. There are several fine-looking cards in the tidy set and it's very cheap, so unless you have some kind of weird aversion to Nolan Ryan, I recommend picking it up. I should do so myself.

Most importantly, for me, it is the only non-revolting thing to come out of 1992 Donruss. And that is a feat in itself, finding something I can stomach about '92 Donruss.

There's your back.

Enjoy Coca-Cola.


Night Card Binder candidate: Nolan Ryan, 1992 Donruss Nolan Ryan Career Series, #10
Does it make the binder?: Yes. It boots this card out. Topps may have made a farewell card to him last year, but Paulie's no Ryan Express.


  1. I must be a weirdo.. I love the 1992 Donruss set.. Mind you that was also the first set I started.. lol

  2. They packaged the Ryan cards in small cello packs as well, not sure where or how they distributed them -- I thought it might have been in conjunction with movie theater promotions. A friend of mine got a whole bunch of those and gave me a big box of them back in the day. You got one Ryan card and about four or five 92 Donruss base cards from Series 1. I think that set is okay.

  3. Donruss put out at least one other set you'd like for it's design. The 1992 Toronto Blue Jays World Series Box Set. He's a pick of a few cards (thy didn't come signed).

  4. I have several of these and may still have some unopened packs. I have some Advil Nolan Ryan unopened packs as well. Love these oddballs.

  5. 92 Donruss was only slightly less gruesome than 92 Fleer. Coke and the Express are paired nicely on this particular card.

  6. I collected a bit of '92 Donruss back in the day. I didn't think that it was that bad to be honest.