Friday, January 22, 2016

Tale of the tape

Two or three weeks ago, I received one of those packages in the mail that makes you work.

I'm not referring to the hunting I go through to figure out whether I have the cards pulled out of the package, although there was some of that. I'm talking about actually getting into the package.

In fact, when Daniel of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop sent it, I think he had a feeling I might need a few tools to open up the thing.

All that tape. So, so, much tape.

With some scissors and a pocket knife and the utmost care, I finally got the stubborn item open. Now, let's see if it's worth all of the trouble.

We start slowly with a Collector's Choice silver signature parallel of '90s mega-prospect Wilton Guerrero. One day all of the '90s prospect cards I own of Guerrero, Karim Garcia and Roger Cedeno will rise up and take over the world. But for now I'll just add this one to the binder and eye it warily.

More prospects. This player actually made an impact. I am designating this card for my 2006 Topps I Must Complete It All quest. This Rookie Debut set is a fun one to go through.

Even more rookies.

These cards of 2003 wash-outs Andrew Brown and Alfredo Gonzalez had me stumped for days. I finally figured out that these black bordered cards are from the 2003 Upper Deck Classic Portraits set in which most of the cards had silver borders. Of course. It's not nice to tease people who weren't collecting in 2003.

I've said it before, but any day in which I receive a Hideo Nomo card that I didn't have before is a good day. A raft of crap visited me today. Doesn't matter, I have my new Universal Language Nomo.

Whoa! That came out of nowhere, huh?

I have never seen a 1950 Bowman card with such sharpish corners. That is very impressive.

This is the rookie card of Brooklyn Dodgers infielder Bobby Morgan. You may have noticed a rookie theme with most of these cards. But this was well before anyone thought of "rookie card."

One more card. Get ready to be illuminated. I know I was.

This is a lovely, gentle-handed 1950 Bowman card of Marino Pieretti (yeah, I've never heard of him either).

It's a milestone in my collection because as Daniel said so himself in a note, it is now the oldest night card I have.

The previous old-time night card champion was a tie between these cards:

But each of those were issued in 1953, a full three years after a night card already existed!

Finding out as much as I can about Marino Pieretti just rocketed up the priority list.

I'd say that was well worth cutting through all that red tape.

Well, it wasn't red, but you know what I mean.


  1. Any day that a vintage Bowman card arrives in the mail is a good day. Congrats on the milestone.

  2. Love how Bowman 'drew in' the illumination coming from the lights on that Pieretti card. Great addition to your night card binder!

  3. You mean you still have MORE Roger Cedeno cards???

  4. Glad it was worth it! I didn't notice the lights on the Marino Pieretti card until I scanned it. But as soon as I saw it I knew it needed to be in your collection.