Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hungry for a repack

I did a little slacking on the diet over the last few months, and while that's pretty average behavior for most people and results in just another New Year's resolution, it's a little more critical to me because of advancing age and health concerns.

So I'm back in health-nut mode, and, god, am I hungry.

I've gotten to the point where the hunger doesn't bother me; I'll survive. But I need to transfer that lack of food accumulation into some other kind of accumulation. In this case, it's cards.

In the last few weeks of returning to the wagon, it's become clear as one of those plastic containers carrying meatballs (I'm not thinking of food, really), that I haven't purchased a repack in ages.

This would have to be fixed.

The problem is that the Fairfield repacks that I like to buy -- those hanging rack packs for 5 bucks -- haven't been available anywhere around here for months. The repack choices are so undesirable that I haven't bothered to look for one in quite awhile.

But I was hungry. And that's why I ended up with this:

I know, I know, I know, I know.

What the hell am I doing?

But this was only 12 bucks. And I bought some 2015 Stadium Club to go along with this, so I had to keep the cost down. Besides SANDY KOUFAX AND MIKE TROUT DIDN'T YOU SEE THE PICTURES ON THE BOX?????????

My hope was I could use something in some of the packs, and that one of them wasn't Panini Triple Play, and that the autograph wouldn't be too embarrassing to show on national blogovision.

So, here are the packs:

This is good. I can work with this.

2015 Series 2 includes cards that I need. 2014 Topps is Update Topps so it's not as painful. The Upper Deck Future Stars set is one of those UD sets that makes me glad that UD isn't producing baseball cards anymore -- 4 piddly cards in a pack for a pointless, ridiculously named set. But it's nice to go back in time. And, finally, 2015 A&G is something I'm supposedly collecting.

So let's see the best card in each pack starting from least desirable to most desirable.

2014 Topps Update

This will go to whatever Braves collector I am exchanging cards with next. I am in a perpetual trade with Braves fans -- in fact I may have to split this card into thirds because I think I'm dealing with three Braves collectors right now.

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars

I only chose this because Kazmir is a Dodger now. It's very possible he might be their No. 2 starter, which is pretty damn scary.

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter

I deal with a lot of Mets fans, too. If it doesn't make the frankenset binder it's headed for Starting Nine or somewhere. (Update: It made the frankenset binder).

2015 Topps Series 2

This is card No. 701 in the set, or the last card in Series 2. Silly me, I thought the last card was Joe Mauer, No. 700. But I always forget about the missing No. 7 Mickey Mantle goofiness and how Series 1 ended with card No. 351, meaning Series 2 ends with card No. 701.

So this is a card I needed but didn't know it until I bought the repack. I'd say that's repack success!

But hold up, we haven't even seen the autograph yet.

Is it Trout?

Is it Koufax?


Let's see ...



Wow, that's about the ugliest non-cut signature autograph card I've ever seen.

Don't you just love getting cards of players in their gym shorts?

I had to look up Adrian Salcedo. He was in the Twins' minor league organization for seven or eight years. But, it's my lucky day: the Dodgers just signed a minor league contract with him last month!

Oh, and one more thing.

If he gets busted for PEDs again, he's banned for life, because he's been busted twice already.

I hit the autograph jackpot there, didn't I?

Hoo-boy, I think I need some snacks.


  1. Yeesh, it's a good thing his signature is actually kinda cool, because otherwise that might've been in the running for the single worst autograph card ever made.

  2. Hey, any company can sell you an autograph, but only these guys have an autogrpah!!!

  3. Nice to know "In The Game" makes shitty baseball cards just like their shitty hockey cards.

  4. I checked and I need that Freeman. I agree with autograph, but thinking positive. he will stay away of the PEDS, work his way into the bigs, and become the number 3 starter. Then again, I am a Braves fan, I can hope right.

  5. It's a rare day when I see a Brewers card listed anywhere but my blog, Thorzul's blog, or the Cynical Buddha's blog as being the "Most Desirable" card received.

  6. I wish I could find those repacks up here. Most of what is sold is hockey

    1. If there is one reason I truly miss having Target in Canada, it is because they provided easy access to these Fairfield repacks.

  7. That is a dreadful autographed card. I'm officially too scared to buy these repacks now.

  8. That autograph cards looks like something I would create for myself on my computer. That is not a compliment....

  9. ITG autographs, if you ever want the lowest quality and lowest price for a particular autograph, they're your man.

  10. Whenever I get tempted by something like that, I think of the amount of low grade vintage I could pick on ebay for the same price.