Friday, December 20, 2013

5 benefits of cards during a power outage

An ice storm warning is up for our area from tonight through Sunday.

I've lived through two significant ice storms. In January 1998, we lost power for an entire week. Ever since then, the entire region panics whenever the word "ice" is mentioned in the forecast. Some were so scarred by that storm that if the power should go out for any reason for even 5 minutes, they'll start up the generator.

I'm not looking forward to the weekend. There's a sick person in the house and if the power goes out that's one thing on top of another and there's already a whole lot not getting done four days before the big holiday.

This also could be the last time I'm writing here for a few days (you'll know what happened if the blog suddenly goes silent).

Yep, things could get ugly.

So let's keep it light.

How could cards be useful in the midst of a power outage?

Let's consider the possibilities:

1. Duh, they're cards.

You don't plug them in. You don't need radio waves to make them go. Sure, you might have to shine a flashlight on them if the lights go out, but they operate without electronics. This card, amiably provided by Adventures in 1952 Topps, could practically light up a room by itself.

2. They're informative.

They're not going to tell you when the power is going to go back on, but I've learned countless facts from baseball cards. Why, just now I learned that Troy Percival was a catcher in college. If the power goes out, I'll be telling that one by the fireside.

3. They're amusing.

Sure, you're freezing, but at least you can lose your cares for a few moments with a well-illustrated cartoon. How can I laugh in crisis like this? I have my cards, that's how.

4. They give you hope.

One of the worst parts of experiencing a long-term power outage is the feeling of isolation. That they'll never turn on your power. That they have forgotten about you. That all your neighbors have left the area for Hawaii while you sit in a darkened street. Cards will let you know that, yes, it will end and summer will come again, and there will be baseball.

5. You can burn them for heat.

You know, if all else fails.


  1. The Sidney Ponson card should keep the fireplace going all weekend by itself.

  2. That's awesome! A while back I had the lights go out and it was truly an elegant experience flipping through my binders via candlelight.

  3. We just had an ice storm roll through here. I lost a bunch of branches, but the power is still on. Living along a main trunk line has its advantages.