Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nothing to see here ... yet

There was once a time when I would lament that I didn't receive any cards for Christmas.

And it's true, it still is a bit of a disappointment not to open a pack or two on the day you receive gifts supposedly targeted to your interests.

But I've come to realize that the people in my inner circle are practical folk, and that's why I love 'em.

Why get me some random Topps blaster off a shelf when there are other ways for me to get what I really want?

So my family took care of the practical items -- I have pages for all the cards that I want for at least the next five years -- and then let me take care of the rest.

I will be selecting what I want specifically at Target:

My family also knows that Target doesn't come close to having all that I want card-wise. So they slipped something else into the Christmas card, too:

You will be seeing some very nice cards in the month to come thanks to that.

None of this, of course, does anything about the fact that there hasn't been a baseball card on this post yet.

But that's where my readers and fellow bloggers take over. While I received practical hobby-related items from family, fellow collectors have been known to throw caution to the wind and, what the hell, just send me a card like this ...

Yes, that's a 1953 Red Man of Duke Snider. With the tab intact.

Merry, Merry.

Thanks for taking care of the card part of the Christmas gifts, Dave K.

And thanks to everyone else who has sent me cards, too.

It's a cliche in these card-blogging parts, but it's Christmas almost every time I go to the mailbox.

What have I got to complain about?


  1. Have a nice little pile of 72's. Send me an email @ Have been reading your blog for a while.trying to get my name out there to make some trades.

    1. You'll have to give me a week or two. Backlogged because of various life issues. Won't get to new trades for a bit.

    2. Not a problem. Really enjoy your blog. Keep me in mind. Send along your address at any point. Not really concerned about anything in return. Hope all goes well

  2. I, too, got no baseball cards for Christmas, but did score a Target gift card. Need a new pair of jeans or two, but with what's left, hope to pick up some cards to rip.

  3. I received a Target gift card from one of my students. Originally planned on buying some string cheese and a few shirts off the clearance rack... but a blaster sounds pretty tempting.