Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Every once in awhile, when I have no time for cards and I'm searching for five minutes -- please, just five minutes -- to devote to something about cards, I go to the spreadsheet and calculate how many cards it says I have.

I've been in the process of trying to update my complete inventory since I started this blog. I've never had a real handle on how many cards I own and, of course, since blogging, that total has advanced quite a bit.

Inventorying is tedious, unattractive work and I've reached only the letter M in my grand quest.

But I force myself to update when I can because I like it when I can surprise myself with How Many Cards I Have.

So, in that window of five minutes today, I went to "tools," clicked "add," typed in "SUM (B1:B4594)," typed in "9999" and this was the answer:


Shocked every time.

And only halfway there.

What am I going to do with all these things?


  1. Send them to me, silly!!! But just the good ones.

  2. Leave them to me in your will. You are older than me...I think.

  3. I wonder what the area or volume is of 30K cards!

  4. Nice you are just ahead of me (my Zistle collection shows 28,900 cards), but like you I've got less than 50% tallied...

  5. 262,000 square inches, or 21,875 square feet of cardboard area. That's enough to cover all the floor space of 10 average American homes in a layer of cardboard.

  6. That's always the question from the non-believers, I mean non-collectors, isn't it? "What are you going to do with all those cards?" Add to them, of course!

  7. Replies
    1. As of last August it was 15,145

  8. Oh, how I wish that question ("What am I going to do with all these things?") were not rhetorical...