Friday, December 6, 2013

Completing a team set before everyone leaves

I was a little bit relieved that the Dodgers reached an agreement with Brian Wilson yesterday. It's not because I particularly care whether he's on the team or not. It's because I wanted there to be at least someone listed with the Dodgers in the Topps Update set who was STILL WITH THE DODGERS by the time I completed the team set.

Topps Update is a tricky thing and it's another one of the reasons why I look at the set with a sideways glance. It comes out at a time of year when teams are wheeling and dealing. So here you are, supposedly getting the latest and greatest players in their latest and greatest (*gasp*) new uniforms, and they aren't in those uniforms anymore.

What the hell?

But I was able to thwart all of these conspirators recently by completing the entire Dodgers base set in Update before every player had left.

These are the last three players I needed:

Shockingly, they are all still with the Dodgers.

Each of these cards -- including emerald Wilson -- arrived from Brian at Base Set Calling. He sent me several Dodgers from the Update set, covering the base, parallel and insert variety.

Brian's the king of parallels, so let's see some.

Neither guy is with the Dodgers.

Ronald "Don't Check My Visa" Belisario just took all of his ugly to Chicago to sign with the White Sox. Meanwhile, Ricky Nolasco suckered the Twins into signing him for too many years.

Neither red nor gold Skip Schumaker is with the Dodgers anymore because he and his grit are playing for Cincinnati now. I'm sure Don Mattingly cried himself to sleep for three days after that news. First Punto, now Skippy.

Brian also sent an insert of Clayton Kershaw and a Chrome parallel of Kershaw, too. I don't even want to think about him leaving. Please, please, please, Dodgers stop being cute and sign this man. He needs lots of extra money because he's really, really good and he's taking care of people in Africa, too.

There was only one card in Brian's package that I had no worries about as far as him leaving the Dodgers, which kind of goes back to my earlier post this week about collecting retired guys.

Jackie will always be a Dodger.

Whether he appears in the Update set or not.

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  1. I am incredibly jealous of you and your Dodgers, because at least you're losing the players that sucked this season. The Yankees on the other hand...not so much.