Saturday, December 21, 2013

The card that conquered the ice storm

I'm still waiting to see if the ice storm will knock out the power. But if that does happen I can take small solace in the fact that it couldn't knock out the mail carrier.

I didn't expect to get any mail at all today. I looked at the sidewalks. I looked at my walkway and the treacherous steps to my mailbox. There was no way anyone was crazy enough to travel through that.

So I was shocked when I saw an envelope sticking out of the mailbox this afternoon.

It was from The Junior Junkie. A single card. Untouched by the frozen ice descending from above.

Even better that it was a 1953 Topps Brooklyn Dodger. But I would expect nothing else from a card of that quality. There's no way a 1990 Donruss card is making it through that weather.

So many thanks to J.J./T.J. for putting a smile on my face while I was going through my stash of batteries and firewood.

And many thanks to the mail carrier who I'm sure fell 157 times while attempting to deliver envelopes like these.

I guess that means I can't use "but there's an ice storm" as an excuse not to go into work tonight.


  1. We are definitely getting hit pretty hard here in Northern NY. I have not lost power yet either fortunately!

  2. Central NY is clean. No ice, and today took away the rest of the snow. Some ice warnings through the Mohawk Valley.

  3. Power was out for 9 1/2 hours starting at 6 a.m. Just came back on. Hopefully it stays on although it's an ice war zone out there so trees and wires aren't done doing their thing.