Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting off my ass

Up until the last day or so, trades had dried right up for me. I've had no time to strike up any deals, and with Listia and a card show and some online arranging going full force, cards were occupying my time in other ways.

But the time has come for me to get off my ass and actually be a fully functioning member of the bloggery again. Now that I've scrounged up some money for mailing supplies, a few select people will be getting some cards next week. And then a few more after that. Before you know it, it will be 2009 again and we'll all be clawing our eyes out because of all the trade posts.

One person who hasn't stopped sending out cards recently is Spiegel. I got a very cool assortment of cards from him a couple weeks ago and am just now getting finding time to discuss them. So let's see if I still know how this "show your latest cards" thing works.

I think you turn it on ...

Like this ...

Is it working?

Ah, here we go ...

I shall start with some Nomos. A blogger who has met Hideo Nomo and has Nomo's name in his blog title is likely to have a few Nomo cards hanging around the house.

So here are a couple.

And another one. I like this one a lot.

And another ... oh, wait, something's missing.

I happened to have a Nomo Pinnacle Mint coint sitting around for just this purpose.

Spiegel is one of the best trade partners I have at reading a want list. This is the last 1990 Leaf Dodger that I needed. Set completion rules!

And this is the last 2012 Opening Day Dodger that I needed. Closure rules, too!

And this is the last 2000 Fleer Tradition Dodger that I needed. Another box checked!

Of course, he had to get me going on the '00 Fleer Tradition Update set, too.

But Spiegel completed team sets also with two of the Nomo cards that I showed earlier. Good looking out, my man.

More needs ...

The godawful 2011 Bowman Andre Ethier card from godawful Bowman Chrome.

The barely inspired photo of Kemp from this year's Bowman.

I don't want to tell you how many 1991 Leaf Dodgers I still need.

A couple of Paulies. The black-and-white Diamond King is the last B&W Dodger from that set that I needed (that's six team sets completed in one package if you're scoring at home, or even if you're just by yourself).

Upper Deck did not do Retro well. I'm disappointed in the look of virtually all of UD's Retro sets (aside from 2009 OPC).

Even the insert -- while enjoyably funky -- doesn't quite get there.

Send me your Ishii cards. But not if he's wearing a Mets jersey. Nobody wants that.

Drink up! I miss last year's liquorfractors. The gold sparklies just can't compete.

Least favorite card in the package. Spiegel was totally correct in sending it to me. Technically it's a Dodger card. But geeeeeez, so much Braveness all over this thing, and it's J.D. Drew on top of that. Ick.

Favorite card in the package: Given the cards you'll see next, that's saying something. But as a family man, this card is endlessly charming. It's some sort of state Department of Child Support Services card. I like it. I don't even think of Paul Konerko when I look at it.

Spiegel is big into the autograph-seeking. I've pretty much stopped doing that. I just don't care. But I certainly won't turn away autographed Dodger cards!

So I've got this cool Cory Snyder signature on a Score design that totally fits Snyder's dirt bike vibe.

And here's an autograph from the former Mr. Belinda Carlisle. I can just picture my 1983 self being completely ecstatic to have this autographed Marshall card. But then someone would have to explain to me how he signed a card that wouldn't appear for six more years.

The coolest of all the cards in the package. It is the Fonz of the card package. I tried to get a TTM autograph of Bob Welch, one of my favorite Dodgers of the late '70s/early '80s, about two years ago, and heard nothing.

I don't remember how Spiegel got Welch's autograph now, but I do remember being envious when he did. There are precious few autos that I care about, but this is one of them.

Now that I look at the signature, I wonder why Welch signs his name "Santa." But that's a small thing.

Spiegel also sent me a few night cards and a couple parallels that I didn't get around the scanning. He's very thorough, that dude.

It gives me something to aspire to, which is why as soon as I'm done typing this, I'll be searching want lists and packaging up cards.

I have no choice. I received three packages in the mail today. It's the first packages I've received all week.

It's time to earn my keep around here.


  1. Did you write this standing up?

    I usually write from my ass. Like right now.

  2. I got exactly 1 envelope in the mail this week. Boo!

    I guess I've been too busy with work - and the fact that I haven't bought any new cards since July probably doesn't help either.

    I really should just send some stuff out to random folks.

    And yes, I wanted to use the word "folks". It seems like any presidential candidate has to use the word at least 50 times in a debate, so why shouldn't I follow suit?

  3. I love a post that begins with a picture of the ugly mug of Odalis Perez. I didn't know that I sent you the final card for some many team sets.

    The Welch came from Dodger Stadium, I think. He may have been signing before a game. Not positive though.

  4. "But the time has come for me to get off my ass and actually be a fully functioning member of the bloggery again."

    I'm hoping this is a future blog post title for me.