Monday, October 15, 2012

Almost a quarter of a century ago

What Joe Carter was to the '90s ...

And Carlton Fisk was to the '70s ...

And Bill Mazeroski was to the '60s ...

Kirk Gibson was to the '80s.

Happy 24th anniversary to Gibson's one-legged home run, THE epic blast of my generation.

You may be a Diamondback now, but I still like ya.

(I really need to get more versions of this card, and there's no time like an anniversary date to load up the COMC cart. ... Now if I could only tell the difference between the "windsor green" and the "green linen").


  1. Great memory. Great game. I had my first World Series party for that game. Lots of people crammed into a small apartment. Pizza. hot dogs, nachos, ice cream cups...... All that stuff we are no longer supposed to eat.

  2. The greatest moment of my youth. 24 years is too long of a drought.

    Lovin' the rainbow of Gibbys. How many colors are there?

  3. Now that, is one helluva rainbow

  4. @Dodgerbobble ~

    I'm not entirely sure. I know there are at least four others. Probably more.

  5. Beautiful cards... painful memory.

  6. When I needed a Masterpiece parallel Red Sox I contacted a certain blogger who is the authority on Masterpiece parallels. Surely you know who I am talking about...

  7. Here are the variations on the 2007 Upper Deck Matserpieces:

    Printing Plates: one set per color
    Artist's Proof: one set
    Black Linen: 99 sets
    Blue Steel: 50 sets
    Bronze: one set
    Celestial Blue: one set
    Deep Blue: 75 sets
    Green Linen: ? sets
    Hades: 50 sets
    Persian Blue Linen: one set
    Pinot Red: 75 sets
    Red Linen: one set
    Rusted: 50 sets
    Black: 99 sets
    Urban Gray: one set

    From the ever so useful 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.

  8. I know that the tragic events of 2004 and 2007 have dampened it a little, but Aaron Boone's shot wasn't bad.

    But then, you would have needed another color of Gibson.

  9. Boone wasn't good enough to hit his HR in the World Series. If I was expanding to the playoffs I'd have to include Thomson in '51. Not doing that.

    And if by "tragic" you mean "glorious," then we agree again!