Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The worst scans ever

I've been debating and stalling about how to present these cards that I received from Bo at Baseball Cards Come To Life! for about two weeks now.

He was kind enough to send several cards off my 2001 Donruss Elite Dodger want list. It's one of those sets that I threw on the want list without even a thought. I don't really care about Donruss Elite -- every last card in a Donruss Elite set looks the same as the next -- and as soon as I put the DE list on my want list, I forgot all about it.

So it's very nice that someone else did think about these cards and sent them to me. Because even though I never think about these cards, I NEED them. I know that makes no sense to anyone but a card collector. Fortunately, card collectors are reading this thing. I think.

But the problem with Donruss Elite cards, as everyone with a scanner and a shiny fixation knows, is that the images you get when you scan the cards are unpleasant. Nobody wants to look at them. The images are not shiny and sparkly. They're dark and make your eyes go to sleep. But before you go to sleep, they get annoyed because of all the dust particles that are magnified on the horrid, awful scans.

None of you are probably reading this because after you saw the Sheffield card, you slipped into an annoyed, cranky coma. Yet, I'm still pressing on.

The way around this is to take a picture of the cards and show them that way. But I never figured out exactly how to use my wife's camera and hook it up to the computer and all that. I know it's a very simple task. But I'm a techie slug and I won't apologize for that. It's part of my charm.

So, really, there's no way around it. I have to show the scans, because not showing cards you received in a trade is just uncool. Unless, you know, you forgot about them or something (*ahem*)

So, I'll show the rest real quick. Avert your eyes if you must:

Gack! All the dust ...

... and the darkness! So, so ugly ...

Make it stop! ....

And we're done.

Was that so bad?

Here. These are two other cards that Bo sent that are not scanner unfriendly at all:

Much nicer, eh?

Thanks for taking time out of your lunch break to wince through these cards.

Hope nobody suffered any permanent retinal damage.


  1. My scanner is the same way.

    I've wanted to show some cards from the quirky '98 Metal Universe set, but they all come up horrible and dark once my scanner gets done with them.

  2. I wonder who that *ahem* was aimed at...

  3. who needs a scanner??? Oh...that would be me!

  4. My cheapo printer/scanner I bought at Costco years ago doesn't scan cards at all well, so I take photos with the digital macro setting on my wife's computer. Hook up the USB from the computer to the camera, then drag and drop photos where I want them.