Friday, October 15, 2010

Team colors: Rangers

I think it's time that the Texas Rangers start dressing the part again. How can you call yourself a Ranger and not have long hair and a stache?

For me, the 1970s Texas Rangers are the real Rangers. The true Rangers. None of this finely groomed stuff you see today. All those tattoos and necklaces and haircuts that took too much thought. Yeeech. It's time to start looking like outlaws again, boys.

But there is one thing that will make me forgive the Rangers from straying from their roots: beating the Yankees in the ALCS.

Today is the big day. After three days of doing absolutely NOTHING, there's a game to watch. And in light of the occasion, I am presenting the Rangers next in the team colors series. It's another feeble attempt to send some good luck the Rangers' way.

Before even conducting this examination, I knew red and blue would be the easy winners for the Rangers. Texas has always used one color the other, even though sometimes it doesn't know whether blue is its primary color or red. And Topps has had no trouble finding red and blue in its color palette.

But let's conduct the rundown anyway, shall we? Here are the years for which Topps determined colors based on the team that was featured:

1972: yellow, orange and light blue
1974: blue and red
1976: blue, red and yellow
1977: yellow, blue and pink
1978: blue and beige
1979: red, yellow and blue
1980: purple, red and yellow
1981: light green, blue and red
1982: red and blue
1983: red, blue and yellow
1984: gold and green
1985: red, blue and light blue
1986: red
1987: red and black
1988: blue, pink and gold
1989: red and blue
1991: blue and red
1992: blue, rust, yellow and gray
1993: red and blue
1994: red and blue
1998: blue and red
2000: red
2002: blue and red
2003: red
2004: red and blue
2005: red and blue
2006: red and blue
2007: blue and red
2008: blue and red
2009: blue
2010: blue

No surprises there. I'm starting to think that in 1980, Topps made an effort to pick the complete opposite of whatever a team's colors were.

OK, it's time to see if Topps got it right (and we all know it did):

Rangers' team colors: blue and red
What Topps thinks are the Rangers' team colors: blue and red!!

Yeee-haw! Topps gets it right.

The Rangers may not look like they did back in the '70s, but at least they don't have Metrosexual Skippy on their team anymore. I had a hard time rooting for them then.

They're a lot more likeable now, especially when they're all that will save me from having to watch that horrific team in the World Series for the 12th time in my life.

So, saddle-up, pardner, it's rodeo time!

(The tally: Blue-24, Red-23, Yellow-7, Light Blue-2, Gold-2, Pink-2, Orange-1, Beige 1, Purple-1, Light Green-1, Green-1, Black-1, Rust-1, Gray-1)

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  1. Impeccable timing sir! As the unofficial spokesman for the team (at least on my blogger dashboard), I thank you for the good vibes.