Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OK, OK, I'll post your cards

I believe I've mentioned a few times before that I am way too busy for this blog.

Really. I have no time for this blog.

It's almost irresponsible of me to be taking time out of my schedule to write about baseball cards. I mean, how dare I? Where do I get off? The gall of me. The unmitigated gall! (I've always wanted to write that).

One of the things that I absolutely have no time for is documenting baseball card trades. I have a home and a family and a job for god's sake. I have a daughter ridiculing me because I'm not taking the time out to learn how to text. And I want to write about a baseball card trade???? What planet am I from?

So, it was my full intention to rectify that situation. No more writing about baseball card trades. In fact, no more writing about baseball cards period. I was going to shut down the blog, because really it was just nonsense. A waste of time. A diversion from more important matters.

Then something happened.

A person I traded with recently -- his name is Jason -- sent me some cards.

I put them in a stack on a shelf and steadfastly refused to blog about them. That was the old me. The old blogger me. I didn't do that anymore. I was better than that.

So what did Jason do? He sent me more cards!

Can you believe that? I didn't write about his cards, so he sent me more of them.

To hell with it -- I'm going to blog about them. In fact the blog isn't closing down at all. Thanks to Jason, you'll be seeing cards here for as long as you're going to hear about Lindsey Lohan. And we all know that is going to be a freakin' looooong time.

All right, dammit, here's what Jason sent the first time:

Lots of Hideo Nomo greatness.

Nomo might be the first Dodger I think of when I think of 1990s Dodgers.

But there's another guy who ranks a really close second:

Yup, Mike Piazza. A Dodger forever, as far as I'm concerned.

Those were from Jason, too. By now you can tell that 1990s cards are his specialty. Here are a few more:

More Piazzas there, except in chrome form.

And just in case you thought that all Jason had to offer were 1990s cards, here's another one he sent:

Love the black-bordered OPC. One day I'll have all the black-border Dodgers.

OK, that was the first package from Jason.

Then, yesterday, the other package arrived.

That is a Nebulous 9 need. It's the last card I needed to complete the 1994 Upper Deck Dodgers team set.

Another Piazza. This is a chromed-up version of Piazza's famed 1992 Bowman rookie card. I have no idea from which set this card originated. Someone, please clear it up for me.

I saved this card for last just because I think it's tremendous.

So, you can thank Jason for me having a change of heart and returning to my time-wasting blog to write time-wasting posts about time-wasting trades.

Because I was this close to giving it all up.

Really, I was.


No, really.

Ah, hell, I don't believe me either.

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  1. I believe the Piazza came from 1998 Bowman. If memory serves, I think the reprinted key rookie cards as an insert. Hope this helps.